Fertility after Loss

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    I think a section sounds worse, after you get one its like "is that it"

    Go on your too posh to push :lol: :lol: :lol:

    i dont know what the rule is regarding waiting after a section, i think it would be fine after your 6 week check


    Well exactly 7 weeks after the birth and short life of my little girl my period returned today.

    I know from reading the forums on web sites that many women feel saddened that their body has returned to normal so soon after such a tragedy but I feel the opposite I actually feel comforted by the fact my body is working again as it should.

    As we both desperately want to try again , my period returning can only be a good thing surely?

    Do you think this means my fertility will be ok?

    Sat here thinking now and hope it is a period and I am not bleeding for any other reason 😯 its been a good few weeks since the lochia stopped.


    Hi HMM…
    I would think that it is a good sign of your body returning to normal… and I’d say fertility would be high too.

    Its great that you are thinking of trying again too.



    Yes Consultant said after 3 months and preferably 6 months would be better..might split the difrrence and try at 4 months ish…

    I am taking iron tablets still and folic acid so will be covered by the time we are ready to go..

    I don’t want to wait much longer Yvonne I do feel ready and its not a replacement like people might think but I don’t see any point in waiting..I will miss her as much in 10 years time as I do now.

    Life as I have seen is precariously short and I am gonna grab it with both hands.

    My tears still flow every day.. but I CAN function through it all and above all I can still smile.

    Yvonne we must catch up soon, its so sad you never got to see me pregnant with Aiobh but as everything else that happened it wasn’t meant to be xx


    I think you should go for it whenever you feel ready. For me, I wanted to be pregnant straight away after our losses and my period came back fairly quickly so we started trying as soon as we could. I did not get pregnant straight away but I think itit happened when the time was right for my body. on our first loss it took us 4 months to conceive again and on our second loss it took 5 months. Everyone is different and once you feel happy about trying, I would say go for it.

    Best of luck, I hope you have happy news soon and I second what you said, you will still miss your little girl in years to come but another baby would be wonderful and bring so much happiness so why wait, just go for it.

    take care of yourself. xx


    Thanks Sabbi..please god we will be lucky and not have too many problems…who knows though..we have never actually tried before if that makes sense.

    Just back from the church its lovely to be able to spend a few minutes up there most days .. she was so so very beautiful it makes me sad to think why she got poorly..why her..but why does this happen to any one? Its so very very unfair but its nature at its cruellest.

    I know no one can give me a 100% that everything will be ok the next time..there is no such thing for anyone, but it was comforting to know at least it wasn’t genetic or something to do with our chromosomes..

    Mark Acu

    Hi Hmm

    I think it’s a really good sign and it shows that your body is regulating itself quite fast. From other ladies I have worked with to get their cycle back so fast is very positive.

    From a Chinese Medicine aspect given your body cycle has returned so fast means physically you are doing very well. From previous clients I have worked with, I would still try and work on how you yourself are feeling emotionally. The best advise you can use with regard to when to try again is to listen to what your body and heart (emotionally) is telling you to do. At the end of the da you know both better than anyone.

    It’s an area I have been doing a lot of work with in the past with my practise and please please feel free to contact me with Pm me, call or text if you would like a chat.

    Take care



    You have a great out look on life, fair play to you. You would be very fertile now, if you feel ready then go for it.
    Thinking of you


    Hey hmm – i would imagine period returning is a good sign of body startnig to regulate itself again. I agree with everything that’s been said in that go with your heart and your gut feeling – please God you’ll get the news you want soon xoxox I know you have your good and bad days hmm but i totally admire you’re outlook on life xoxox


    Thanks so much guys..

    I will probably wait for a few cycles to pass and get an idea of when I ovulating etc..that will also give me time to build up iron and mineral stores again.

    My bil and sil were pregnant 3 months after their son was born sleeping full term, however she had a natural birth so recovery maybe quicker than with a c section.

    Have to say my c section was good really ..now I am over the shock of the emergency aspect of it all, I found recovery almost quicker than with vaginal delivery.

    Consultant said he would offer me a planned section next time if I wanted one but would be happy with me to go naturally too ( at this stage obviously..lots of things can happen to change but..)

    I and him think at the moment that a planned section wherby I didn’t have the uncertaintity of going in to labour etc may be a good option for me given the circumstances..but I will see how I feel if we are lucky enough to get pregnant.

    Who knows I might do a Posh Spice have babies pulled out every year and try for a football team!!!


    Yep too posh to push thats me 😀 😆

    Wouldn’t be to fussed about trying for a vbac..its not like I don’t know what it feels like, i already had d’s big 9lb head sqeezed out of me 😆

    But..I will keep my options open.

    For me I didn’t have the best of days yesterday, think a lot of that to do with hormones from AF..

    Bodies are amazing aren’t they..having AF back is so comforting to me and reminds me that nature is so very powerful and something we have very little control over..at its basic level anyway.


    HMM, I’d be inclined just to get a full medical done as soon as possible – just to check iron levels, folates, hormones etc. You’ve been through a traumatic time & it might be no harm to be sure that all is in order.

    I understand the desire to conceive again, but be kind to yourelf & your body. Make sure you’ve had sufficient time to recover physically and emotionally. Your new baby will require you – and your relationship – to be fighting fit!!!!! Fingers crossed that all will work out for you


    Having blood test done next week to check iron as I am on supplements.

    Taking folic acid, arnica and vitamins by the bucket load.

    Fighting fit Pookie me!!!!

    I had that many antibiotics in hospital that I would say nothing will come near me for a good while too!!

    Will give myself a few more cycles to see whats what.

    Time waits for no one…

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