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    ok off the smokes 3 weeks now and staying off them, not really wanting one at all the only thing is i feel like shit, really down in the dumbs and quite weepy aswell and not sleeping did anyone else get this when they gave them up. If this continues i think i will take it up again, i really did not expect to feel this bad, any advice


    no advice for ya coz i have never smoked but don’t go back on them put the money ur saving in a tin & go shopping, always makes me happy. & remember shoes & bags always FIT 😀


    AH PB i have no intension of going back on them just wish i did not have to feel so shitty i wonder how long i will feel like this for.


    you will always get withdrawl symptoms, that’s your head playing tricks get some get up and go, head off to the gym and soon you’ll forget all about the fags…..


    Hi chipbutty 🙂

    we will support you to quit smoking its difficult at lst, but you can do with your own determination to get rid of a stick with 4000 poisons in it… 😈

    it is very bad for your precious health…each time your craving comes just imagine that someone is actually filling up black tars into your lungs … 👿

    like pinkbabe said shoes n bags fit 😉


    i will try and look at it as a positive thing all the crap i smoked before is leaving my system and this is why i am feeling like this, will defo be going to the gym saturday morning asked mam to come up and look after babs, that should get rid of the tension. Its just sitting here is work bored silly dosen’t help if i was at home out walking with babs i would not be thinking so much, ok going to stop moaning now


    hi ya chip butty i gave them up a couple of yrs ago and omg it was like going cold turkey night sweats the lot and a grumpy bitch stick it out and it will soon pass good luck with it wish i had stuck to it 😳


    stick at it , you hve made the right decision, its just the crap coming out of your body. Iam off them ove 4 years now. The best thing i EVER did


    Stick at it, it will get better.
    When I gave up I went through about 12 months of chest infections etc.. .it was just the years of crap leaving my lungs 🙄 😳 😳
    Give yourself 6 months and you’ll be feeling much better, just think of ds he needs a smoke free home.
    Did you ever hear of the 3days, 3 weeks, 3 months system for people who just quit, well by 3 months its as if you never smoked so your nearly there. At 3 weeks your just starting the time scale for you body to expell those nasty toxins and all the gunk out of you body, sure you couldnt feel good could you


    Ah Chips, stay off them, I just cant seem to quit and stay off them , and even when I do quit, I smoke like a chimney when Im out.

    Maybe try a detox pill or something from the chemist or health shop. People I know who’ve had hypnosis, also got a detox pill to take, to clear all the crap out of their bodies.

    Me and my hubbie are bad for each other though, when it comes to quitting, when one of us gives in and buys a pack, then the temptation for the other to have one is just too much.


    hi chipbutty!

    don’t worry you will be feeling like a new person in just a couple of months. i smoked for years and gave up about 6 years ago and never looked back. i’m now a complete anti-smoker!!! you’ll feel and smell so much better.

    keep up the good work!


    thanks girls, i will stick to it this time, think i will be visiting the health shop tomorrow ask for anything to stop the anxiety i am feeling, god you wouldn’t think i little cigerate would do so much damage would you. One good thing i am able to breath again and not choking every morning


    Ah chippie

    Why dont you call over to me and we can take the two devils for a run around the green or even a walk with the buggies. The fresh air would do you the world of good.. Your doin fab. Call over to me this evening if you can. We can have a giggle.


    ah thanks for the offer won’t be hometill 5 or 6 so just want to relax at home after working, don’t think i would be very good company anyway, feeling very anxious just want to hid away till i feel better, lol


    Did you ever try the bach flower rememdies (sorry typing with no glasses on) The Bach rescue remedy is fab, just a few drops in your mouth or a few in a bottle of water.

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