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    Ive been feeling really cold the last few weeks, find it very hard to get warm. Anyone know why this would be?

    Dh beginning to think that there is something wrong with me :lol:

    Im active, not under weight, feeling a little tired / slightly run down but not much more then usual.

    Getting tired of being cold all nearly all the time.


    Being tired can be one of the reasons, your body temperature drops when you sleep, so as you start to feel tired this can happen. As with anything health related, I would go to the doc and get checked out. A range of blood tests can rule out things like diabetes or other ailments but best not to put on the long finger 😉

    Alternatively, you can just skate faster 😆


    Yeah, i always get cold when tired alright, if im wrecked i would actually shiver. At the moment though, im cold all the time, my fingers are freezing now while i type.

    Id love to skate faster but the rink isnt long enough. Was there on tuesday, loads of kids there, on easter holidays. I was afraid of bumping into the, Some where very young, there were a few falls (not me, the kids) & a lot of tears (again not me – 😆 ).


    I get tired when I’m cold too. I literally will have pajamas, dressing gown, snuggly socks etc on me in the evening. Sleep is a bit part of it for me but also, can happen when I am a bit run down (the two usually go hand in hand tbh)

    You could pop into your local pharmacy and have a chat with them about it, they might recommend a tonic and if that does not help, then maybe a trip to the doc is in order.

    Best to get yourself checked out.

    Pharmacy O’Regan on main st in Balbriggan have a quiet consulting room and there is not charge for that, they are really lovely in there, I often go to them for advice.



    Yeah, think i do need a tonic, so will drop into a local chemist for a chat.


    Im the same, my fingers and my bum would be like ice, when im tired i would also shiver with the cold…. i get checked for thyroid function, im going for full bloods next week, im so cold and tired. I was doing great and bang im back with no energy at all.


    I should probably do the same, get full bloods done.

    Where are you going? id it at the doctors or are you going to the Laurence centre? I suppose either way, i will have to go to the doctor first? I really hate wasting the €50 Euros at the doctor. Id prefer to get the bloods done & then go to doc if needs be.

    Being cold all the time is like having a pain all the time, its so annoying.


    Just one caution about simply getting a tonic, heard on radio recently that feeling run down can also be a symptom of haemachromatosis (probably spelt wrong!) where you retain too much iron, so getting tonic that could contain iron could be more damaging 🙄 Not sure if the pharmacist could cover this off or a visit to the GP would.


    Haemochromatosis runs in the family and is quite rare. Three members of my extended family have this condition. A blood test would rule this out. Also, if you have this, taking blood every six months is part of the treatment – so you would feel better after a blood test.


    Thats very strange it runs in my family too, but i got a gene test done 3 years ago, i dont have it and im not a carrier so my boys are okay thank God.

    Im getting my bloods done in the gp’s, i just booked a visit with the nurse not the gp, its only 20e… im just going to tell her i want everything tested, im going fasting so i can get everything done

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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