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    Do you ever get a couple of days where you just feel a bit disheartened. I know there are people alot worse off than us financially and I know we are lucky to have our health and each other and a lovely home (even if there are alot of things on the verge of breaking!) but I am feeling a bit blue about things.

    I know we are lucky and I feel very grateful for everything we have but I am just a bit fed up. We work so hard but in this really horrible economy its very tough to keep our heads above water and somedays I just wonder why we bother?

    Summer school holidays are coming and the kids want to go here there and everywhere and I know we won’t be able to do all the things they want. That does not even bother me too much because I don’t think they should get everything they want, I do not want to spoil them but I suppose, with the mortgage and all the other outgoings, its a stressful time and its getting me down a little bit.

    Somedays I ponder the thought that we should we pack up and get the heck out of here. But even if we wanted to do that, we couldn’t because we are in negative equity. So I guess we are kind of stuck.

    Just feeling a bit off and needed a little bit of a rant…

    Financial Companion

    I think you kind of answered yourself in the first paragraph, Sabbi. In my position where I am dealing with the detailed circumstances of a spectrum of different situations, I do see some situations where people feel like they are smothering and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes just putting it into perspective is the way todeal with it. I often find myself saying (or thinking) if you have three things, a home to live in, enough basic food each day and relatively good health, then you can handle whatever else life throws at you. Worrying does not rid tomorrow of its problems, it robs today of your peace of mind. 😉


    You’re right Dave. I usually let it wash over me to be honest because what’s the point in worrying when half the country is in a similar or probably worse situation than we are in.

    We have a nice home, warm water and plenty of food (most bought on special offer in a few different shops!) and we are lucky to have all that.

    Just somedays I get annoyed at the way our country is being run and how us, the everyday people, are the least important part of whatever it is they do all day in government buildings.

    They really need to do something to get the financial situation sorted out with all the mortgage arrears and negative equity but they just don’t seem to have a clue. I have no faith in them whatsoever.

    Think its cost of back to school bothering me at moment – its such an expense – even with hand-me-downs and being careful and prudent. 😕


    I think these feelings are period related – I am due them again in a few days and I feel bit down today, things getting on top of me a little bit. Seems to happen this time each month so I am seeing a pattern.

    Hoping some evening primrose oil will help – starting that now.

    Though, just knowing its to do with my hormones actually makes it bearable!

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