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    My poor sister had an accident on Saturday evening, she was getting out of the shower and caught her foot on the shower curtain and she fell on to the sink, where she had left a glass of water. The glass smashed right into the upper tendon on her arm and she severed a major artery.

    She had to be rushed to hospital by ambulance and needed surgery and a blood transfusion, because she lost so much blood.

    I hate that she lives abroad and that there is nothing we can do to help. At times like this, I wish she lived here. So sad. :(


    Oh God, that’s terrible for her Sabbi.. how is she doing now?

    I know what you mean, its tough when you live away from other family members and its felt most when things like this happen.

    My sister lives in England and her DS has adhd/mild aspergers – he is a lot of work for her and gets no help from the inlaws either.. we feel the same when she is going through a tough time, just useless..

    All you can do is chat and try and make them feel better.

    Hope your sis is feeling ok x


    I hope you’re sister is ok Sabbi
    I totally understand how you feel – last year my sister in law who i’m very close too was very ill and i would have loved nothing more than to go visit her -my hubby did go over for a few days but i didn’t see her until this year – i felt sooooo helpless when she was ill
    and again only last week – my hubby’s aunty died on the 22nd and unfortunately we didn’t find out when the funeral was until the day before it so he didn’t make the funeral…..he will however get to see him next week please god

    Hope she’s ok and wishing her a speedy recovery


    My instinct is to jump on a plane when something bad happens but its just not always possible unfortunately.

    She had surgery in the early hours of yesterday morning and basically slept through the day and they are letting her home today – which sounds incredible considering how ill she sounded yesterday evening when I spoke to her. She is strapped up, heavily medicated and needs to go to the fracture clinic Wednesday but thankfully, they do not think its too bad so that’s why she is allowed home to recuperate.

    Its just the shock of something bad happening and not being able to do anything about it from here. If we lived near each other, I would have been able to take my niece & nephew overnight while her husband was with her at the hospital and when she comes home, I would be able to help out with cooking & cleaning etc and mind her until she is back on her feet.

    She is coming home in a few weeks so I’ll be really looking forward to seeing her then – even more than I already was.

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    Sorry to hear that Sabbi! Glad she’s out of hospital, it’s reassuring to hear that! I can relate with my brother being in the UK and what he and his wife went through. These things can happen in the blink of an eye. I severed an artery in my palm from rinsing a mug in a sink and the handle snapped off leaving a sharp edge that tore through. It’s quite scary how fast arterial blood shoots out. I hope she recovers quick with no residual problems.


    Oh Sabbi,your poor sister,what a freak accident.thank god she is ok.hopefully she will make a quick & steady recovery.


    Thinking of you. Not easy to be away to family that you could help if closer.

    Hope she’ll get better soon.



    God thats terrible, hope she’s ok xx


    She is wrecked but doing ok – the blood loss has knocked her for six but she is resting and eating chocolate and drinking lots and apparently that’s helping!

    She is coming home in a few weeks and I cannot wait to see her. Its so hard living away from a loved one and not being able to get to them as often as you’d like.

    Oh how I wish I could win the lotto and be able to go see her far more often than I currently can. 🙁

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