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    And so, yesterday, I decided to take my visitors from SA through to Howth, for the market etc…. which as always was great.
    Until…. we spotted the bouncy castle section across the road. Anyway, to cut a long story short…. my ds was bouncing away as happy as could be, when this guy came up to me and rudely told me that I had to pay E 3 for my child to play. So, I said to him, that I had no problem paying, but that there should be a sign so that parents are aware there was a charge, prior to their kids playing. He was just so damn obnoxious saying that there had been hundreds of kids past, and that I was the only one complaining. (which I seriously doubt). So, when I asked him his name, he was livid… asking what I wanted his name for…
    I then, most assertively, advised all within earshot that they would have to pay for their kids…. (It was somewhat gratifying to see all the parents removing their children)….(I did incidentally complain to his boss…)
    Stupid idiot just seriously p’d on this Leo’s battery! :evil:


    Oh that would have driven me mad too. 3 euro for a little bounce.

    What a rip off and fair play to you for standing up to him. I love asking people for their names in situations like that – it freaks them out!!!

    Well done you!!!


    Welcome to my club!!! I love to pull people up on stuff…as a nation are great at giving out about people AFTER the event but rarely say anything at the time….fair play!! I don’t think we should put up with poor service and rude people…I have had so many run in’s with people who are full of attitude until you stand up to them…then they suddenly deflate!! And asking their name really shuts them up!!! Love it!!!


    Thanks ladies…. I was just so so angry….
    I’m a outgoing person by nature, so if I feel something isn’t right it doesn’t faze me in the slightest to confront it….
    It was just his rudeness that really got to me….
    The tactic was simple…. let the parents let the kids play…. and then embarrass them into paying… thats the reason the sign wasn’t up….

    I just felt sorry for the poor woman who was mortified…. because she had just gone out for a walk with her little one and hadn’t brought any money with her…..

    Ah, the joys of life…. 🙄


    I remember something like this on The Apprentic (the Irish girl) the task was to make sweets and sell in London Zoo… they made chocotlate lollies, the Irish girl was handing out the lollies, well she was asking the kids if they would like a lolly? All the kids said yes, then the cheeky mare asked the parents for £2.50 😯 Only one parent told her to get stuff, she told her she should have given it to the kid in the first place and she wasnt give the 2.50!!!! I was delight to see someone stand up to her

    Fair play to you, Im sure no other parent complained but thats the Irish for you, they would rather pay then be seen to argue over 3 euro….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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