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    Hi All

    Would anyone have any feedback on this school?

    My daughter is starting school this September and we are looking at Tullyallen or the new Fatima/Congress School – where we can get accepted

    I am just anxious to get your thoughts on Tullyallen…looks a nice school and its away from traffic of the town which is attractive.

    Many Thanks in advance


    i know a few people with kids in Tullyallen, they are all very happy grounded kids, it seems like a very very good school.

    Sorry i cant help more, i hope someone can help you and give advice

    pinata ruth

    Hi Deli.

    My DS will be starting there is September. To be honest I went myself 😳 all those many many moons ago. As have all six of my brothers and sisters, infact I still have a brother in it!!! So in total my (poor) mother will be thirty years continuely sending her kids there. SSSHhh don’t tell her I told.

    They have always been very accommadating in our familys needs and we’ve never had any problems (fingers crossed). I do have one brother with mild learning difficulties and they were great in dealing with that.

    In the past year three of the teachers inc principle have retired so there is a whole new selection of teachers that I don’t know.

    I’m sure like all schools it has its faults and I’m really trying to rack my brain here to think of something that I don’t like about the place. You’d think as a past pupil I’d have at least one thing!!! If I think of anything I’ll get back on!!!


    My little DD is starting there in September. My DHs friend is a teacher there and it sounds fine – nice new gym – good facilities for the kids – 5 minutes drive from our house without encountering 1 set of traffic lights 😆 😆 Its difficult though choosing isnt it – my DD has a place in Donore and Tullyallen but i think from even looking at the outside of the school – it has more facilities – Donore has an outside yard – no gym – so cold little people there during the winter months…..i think im happy with my decision ….i think 🙄


    Hi my dd goes here, she is now in 2ND class.

    Its a lovely school with really nice teachers and I have never had any major problems, theres a lovely feel to the place and the kids who i know have always been happy there.

    There is an indoor hall for p.e and yard also brand new playground directly behind the school in the gaa grounds where my dd goes for p.e sometimes.


    That sounds great HMM – it does have a lovely feel to it – we were passing by today as the kids were coming out just around 2pm and everyone was so happy and chatty – my little one has severe allergies – do you know do they have policies on what is or is not to be brought for lunch ? Will need to raise all that with them when we sign our acceptance letter i suppose 🙄

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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