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    Hi to you all,
    My DS is starting school next September and his name is down for the Gaelscoil off Colpe Rd, Donacarney and LeCheile Sth Drogheda. I was wondering if anyone had positive or negative stories about these schools which would help us make a decision about which school to send him to (assuming we get a choice that is ).
    Thanks for your help.

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    it’s a hard one to call, personally my 2 options for my ds is le cheile and gaelscoil, as their ethos is great and it’s small classes too….

    Donnacarney, i’m not so sure about, overcrowded and just never been too keen on it, but i don’t have kids attending school yet not til 2010…..

    hopefully people will give ya some advice, perhaps go to the schools sit down with the principal have a chat and see what the school itself is like, if they’re notwilling to show you around discuss their teaching methods etc, then i’d say see ya later….

    best of luck


    I have my ds’s name down in le cheile and gaelscoil and Congress Ave. Im really stuck at what school to choose (If Im lucky) Congress Ave is with in walking distance from me and its also close to the secondary boys school (I know Im jumping the gun a bit) but I dont want to be going in two different directions in about 10 years time one way for primary schools and other for secondary school.

    Think class size in the schools will be what makes my final choice



    My son is attending the GaelScoil since September. He is settling in really well and I am very happy we chose to send him there.

    The class sizes are not too big and he is getting on really well. He is learning Irish without any problems and often wanders around the house muttering to himself ‘as Gaeilge’.

    His sister (aged 3) started in a Naoinra (Irish playschool) in September and she is coming on great with the Irish too. They can now sing songs and play games together as gaeilge.

    Aside from the fact I think its great they are learning our own language, when they are older and want to learn other languages, it will come really easily to them as they wil be used to speaking in more than one language already.

    As for my husband and I, we are picking up lots of Irish too. We use an online website for translations but to be honest, if you learned Irish when you were a kid you’ll find it comes back to you. It was slightly daunting at first but now we can even text ‘as gaeilge!’

    I would highly recommend it. There is a lovely atmosphere at the school and the kids all seem to like it.

    The only thing I would suggest is not sending a child who is too young. We waited until my son turned 5 before sending him and the school recommend the children are 4.5 before they should start.

    It seems to be easier for them when they are that little bit older.

    Good luck whatever you decide to do,

    Slan anois,


    Thanks for the detailed replies. The offer of places should be coming out soon. I’ve already visited Le Cheile and Gaelscoil but am waiting for an offer for Donacarney before I schedule an appointment.

    It’s a hard one alright.
    BTW I held my little man back and he did an extra year of Montessori. He’ll be 5+ starting next September and better equipped to handle school (I hope).


    Hi, I have my dd’s name down for the Gaelscoil. I was under the impression that we could wait for an offer of a place in the school before we make our minds up?

    However, for the last 3 weeks I have been what could be described as ‘hounded’ by the gaelscoil with a torrent of phone calls on a daily basis as to whether I really wanted dd to go there as they had a long waiting list.


    My son started Congress this year and no complaints! The Jr Infant teacher he has is wonderful and has made the transition very easy for him.
    On what I know so far … I would recommend.


    KcIreland do they teach english by using Phonics? I want to send my ds to a school that uses this method of teaching as its provent to much easier to learn. I did ask the girl in the office and she said she didnt know



    Just on the numberous calls from the Gaelscoil….

    Two years ago, when they started off, they had a certain number of children who were signed up to attend and then at the last minute a few parents pulled their kids out with no warning and they lost major funding because of it.

    If they are being pushy in trying to get commitments from parents, I suspect its only because of what happened previously.



    Thanks Siobhan, but the thing that annoyed me was the woman kept saying ‘we have a long waiting list you know’ .
    As if to say there are others that want her place more.
    They’re welcome to it now. 🙂


    I remember mums and dads queuing up outside the school in Laytown not too long ago because there weren’t enough places in the area but thankfully thats the not the case anymore.

    At least we have a bit of choice now!

    Once the kids & parents are happy thats really the main thing and it seems all the schools in this area are quite good so I’m sure they’ll be fine which ever one you put them in.

    Good luck wherever you choose!



    Mine are in the Gaelscoil also – love it. It is a very close knit community (hi Sabbi!) and my children have settled in really well. They also do classes at night for parents…to brush up on your Irish.

    Taylor, they use ‘Jolly-phonics’ teaching system to to English.

    In regards to the phone calls, I would imagine it is very difficult for schools when parents have their children down in more than one school. I know what happened in the Gaelscoil was that parents accepted places for their children if their first choice school put the kids on a wait list. Then, when they got a place on their first choice school off the waiting list they pulled their place at the Gaelscoil. This was so late in the day that the families who had their children ONLY down for the Gaelscoil lost out as they had committed elsewhere.I accept and agree that multiple phone calls is annoying. But also try to understand how frustrating it must be for schools who are asked daily from parents on the wait list if anything has come up. If you disclosed to the Gaelscoil that you are down for multiple schools they probably feel you are only using they school as a back up. Hope that makes sense.


    I have twins and they started in the Gaelscoil in September, Siobhan one of mine will be in school with yours. They are both taken to it really well, and have learned loads in the space of a few months. D is much quieter than P and it is causing slight concern as he wont talk to his teacher, but it is very common. He was the same in montesorri.
    The school are great and they have done soo much in such a short space of time.
    Congress gives me the absolute creeps, everytime i was near the place my skin crawled so a decision was made quickly there. I had them down for Le Cheile and they were accepted but we refused and took a place in the Gaelscoil. I am glad, i have hard a few complaints about the school and the principal.
    The gaelscoil run classes for parents in the evening which is great, its amazing how much you forget. The boys are learning there letters now and will be getting homework from next week, so the fun is just about to start. Plus they have started there times tables 😥 😥



    Does anyone have the contact information on Gaelscoil? Or how you enrol?

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