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    Hi to you all,
    My DS is starting school next September and his name is down for the above mentioned schools. I was wondering if anyone had positive or negative stories about these schools which would help us make a decision about which school to send him to (assuming we get a choice that is :) ).
    Thanks for your help.



    Check out the website for the Gaelscoil at

    or if you want to meet with other parents whose children go there, come along to the coffee morning on Friday 13th March at the Bettystown Court Hotel from 9-12.

    There is a voluntary contribution of 5 euro suggested for people coming as we are making it a fund raiser as well as a get to know each other event.

    My son goes to the Gaelscoil, he is in his first year and is doing really well. I am delighted with how things are going. I am very happy we decided to send him, it’s great.

    Hope to see you there,



    Thanks for that Siobhain. I will definitely pop in for a coffee even though my Irish is very rusty. Thanks for all your feedback.


    My child goes to irish school.
    My irish is worse than rusty as I don’t have a word (I’m not irish). And Dd is doing very well.
    About the school, you’re going to ear stories good and bad about every school. None is perfect, but yes some are better and choosing the right school for each child is very important.
    I had some small issues with the school, I talked to the principal and munteoir and everything was dealt and resolved in no time. And very friendly.
    Last year, as I was looking for a job I had to drop my Cv in a school (will not say the name, but none of the 2 you mentionned) and the principal was so cold I was nearly afraid to do it, what will happen in school if you can’t appraoch the principal…

    After nearly a year, I have no regrets, I’m convinced that I made the right choice.

    The gaescoil is in my opinion a GRRRRRRRRREAT school.

    Your post was few month ago, you might already know where your son is going in september.
    May I know what you choose?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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