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    We had a very sad week,my brother died suddenly – we had a wake in my dads house…. A feather was found in the kitchen while some of his friends were eating…

    We were told this is his spirt with us???????


    So sorry to hear about your brother.

    I know my Nana believes that if she finds a feather in the house, its a sign that my Grandfather is with her. It gives her some comfort knowing that he is keeping an eye on her.


    Aw Libby…. so sorry to hear of your loss…. 🙁

    Feathers, typically white, are often seen as a sign that Angels are surrounding you, and in this case as a sign of comfort to those who need it.

    It is just so terribly sad and hard to deal with the loss of a loved one, that anything that brings you comfort…. whether it be a feather, a butterfly, a piece of music playing at an unexpected moment… all can just be signs letting you know that he is okay… 😉


    So sorry Libby, thats terrible for you all. Keeping you in my thoughts. x


    Oh Libby im so sorry to hear that, were you home from your holidays when it happened?


    ah so sorry to hear libby, thoughts are with you and your family….

    yes we have experienced white feathers in times of sadness, gives hope that the loved one has gt their wings and looking down on us…

    sending strength your way love and hugs xxx


    Libby very sorry to hear of your loss,thinking of you and your family at this very sad time.

    I hadn’t heard that before about feathers but someone once told me that when you see a robin it is the spirit of a loved one coming to see you.After I lost a very close friend I saw robins everywhere I went, I found great comfort in it.I definitely believe that people can contact us from the other side & send little messages.

    My thoughts are with you


    Very sorry for your loss. Libby. The next few months are going to be hard for you, take care of yourself.

    I strongly believe that messages come if you open your mind. My grandmother died last year, I’d lived with her until I was 16 and we were very close. After her funeral, her photo flutterered off the mantle and down beside my 2 children playing on the floor. It was sad but felt as though she was saying she’d always be looking after them like an angel.


    So sorry to hear of your loss Libby xx


    so sorry to hear of your loss libby xox

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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