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    Hey everyone…

    I’m starting this thread to ask you what your favourite songs are…. :D
    Currently in the charts… or not… or haven’t been for a while….
    The kind of thing that when you hear it out of the blue you get a "Oooh, I just love that song" kind of reaction… ;)

    Reason being…. I’m updating the good ‘ole repertoire for cocktails for an upcoming wedding…. and I’m interested in getting other’s viewpoints…

    I’m a jazzy / bluesy/ soft rock / latin…. kind of singer…. who has sung everything from country to musical theatre, through gospel, classical, rock…. you name it… so I’m VERY open to suggestions and would truly appreciate them! Now GO!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: (Can be male or female… makes no difference)

    Financial Companion

    I think for practice, Chewie, you should arrange a Mumstown Karaoke night! 😆

    I’ll have a think 😉


    Please have a think for me Dave…. 😉 I keep running through the same stuff in my head, and would love to have input from others! 😉

    Karaoke…. 😆 My idea of hell! 😆 😆 😆 I’ve been spoiled…. I get to work with real people! Could be a right laugh though!


    I heard a very old song that i hadnt heard in years
    Nobody knows – The Tony Rich Project…. it bring me back to Romantic days on the beach in Spain with my husband.

    Current stuff…. Will.iam and Brittney – Scream and shout (my kids favourite)

    Unbreak my heart – Tony Braxton

    mind is gone blank…

    Financial Companion

    A couple of long time favorites of mine were Nilson’s "Without You" and Cher’s "Gypsies, tramps and thieves". Hot chocolate’s "It started with a kiss" is another one not often heard these days. 😉


    Thanks guys!

    (I suppose this is the part where I hang my head in shame and confess that I have never heard the Gypsies, tramps and thieves before… 😳 😆 )

    LOVE Without You…. always have done

    And had totally forgotten the Nobody knows…. 😉

    And of course Toni Braxton…. fab voice….

    I sat here last night having an eighties moment… everything from Alison Moyet… to the Kinks… Days….
    Ah, it’s good to hear the old stuff!

    Financial Companion

    Have a listen, I’d be surprised if you don’t recognise it 😉



    Thanks! I did have a listen via youtube… and I have to say it still isn’t familiar to me… 😳 I’m hopeless!


    I love anything from Aha, Wham, Cat Stevens, The Carpenters and ABBA…. i think if its a group thing, you cant go wrong with any of the above. Robbie, Take That, West life and Boyzone always go down well, for a bit of girl power a bit of spice girls lol
    I LOVE anything from Enrique, he is just so sexy and it comes across in his music.

    my current play list is the following, its all dance tracks/running tracks.
    Not a Saint – Vato Gonzalez vs Lethal Bizzle
    Scream and Shout = Brittney ft Will.i.am
    Sweat – David Guetta & Snoop Dogg
    Fresh 83 – Game ft 50 Cent
    On the floor – J Lo ft Pitbull
    Dance Again – J Lo ft Pitbull
    Rest of my Life – Usher ft David Guetta
    C’mon (catch em by surprise) Tiesto vs Busta Rhymes
    Can you Hear me = Wiley ft Ms D, Skepta & JME
    My Life – 50 Cents ft Eminem & Adam Levine
    Feel this moment – Pitbull ft Christina

    Wouldnt really suit a wedding, but great tunes for working out to. They get you pumped…..


    luka-suzanne vega
    hazzard-richard marx
    true colours-cyndi lauper
    sweet child of mine-gun N roses
    hotel California- eagles
    boys of summer- don henley
    ace of base-the sign


    LUKA!!! I just love that one…. 😉 I already do True Colours, and Time after time… , Eagles yip, do them and a bit of G & R…

    Musically…. two voices… (or possibly three, depending on the quantity of beer that himself consumes… 😆 ) One SERIOUSLY awesome pianist and a not too shabby bass guitarist (I married him)…

    Taylor, I am definately showing my age… going to have to google those ones, lol!

    Keep ’em coming guys! x


    Chewiode not good for a Wedding but great for running…


    LUKA!!! I just love that one…. 😉

    thats my favorite song 😀


    I love:

    Huey Lewis & The News ‘Stuck with you’
    George Harrison ‘My Sweet Lord and ‘Got my mind set on you’
    Rihanna – Umbrella (the lyrics to that are fab – even is she is a bit of a twat!)
    Paddy Casey – ‘Wait’ is a brilliant song
    Elvis – ‘Can’t help falling in love’ and ‘The wonder of you’

    They are just some of the ones I have been listening to lately and loving.

    And, I better start listening to some more One Direction because I am taking my daughter to see then in the O2 in March!! She is soooo excited and I must admit, I am a bit excited myself!!


    A few came to mind…

    Zombie… the Cranberries
    July…. Mundy
    Anything from the Sawdoctors.
    Christy Moore… Im am a salior you’re my first mate, i think its called voyage

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