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    What are your favourites??

    We watched ‘The Holiday’ last weekend, I love that film. Its smushy and sweet, which is exactly what I love at this time of year!!

    Tonight ‘Love actually’ is no RTE, so we’ll record that and watch it at the weekend. I love when I have the chance to snuggle up with our children on the sofa and watch movies.

    We will watch Home Alone, The Santa Clause, Planes trains & automobiles and my all time favourite, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation too over the coming weeks but if anyone has any suggestions – pass them on!

    Love to find new films to watch….


    And I would like to look at ELF – but those anti-Christmassey gits over at SKY have bought the rights so that no other channel can show it over the Christmas period and unless you have sky movies or sky christmas, you cannot see it.

    I think this is despicable carry on and goes against the grain of what Christmas is all about. But thats corporate big wigs for you – they only see the money.

    I am tempted to buy it on DVD but I kind of don’t want to do that. Why should we not be able to see it on regular channels.

    So mean. Boo to sky!! 😈


    Miracle on 34th street (the newer one); Willie wonka & the chocolate factory; elf; polar express and Santa Claus the movie are my favourites with the kids…..especially the last one. Love actually is my own personal favourite!


    Polar Express, Santa Clause, Elf!

    Love Elf – cannot understand why Sky was allowed buy the rights to it.. bit odd really..
    I have bought it on dvd though, it was only €6. We have movie channels but keep missing it! They could show it more often seen as they have exclusivity!


    Santa claus the movie def, polar express, williw wonka – these have all been watched already oh home alone too and wizard of oz is on this year and my girls have never seen it. As a child I remember watching the sound of music again and again
    I heard about Elf alright an awful lot of people complaining about it – Yvonne where did you buy it – I’d love to get it for a friend of mine = a 41yr old friend of mine who’s really annoyed that she can’t watch her favourite Christmas movie 😉


    I think it was Tesco Munchin… You could try Heatons aswell though.. even Power City, sometimes they have a good selection of older films.


    We were given The Snowman DVD & Hailey thinks it is amazing and sits still for the whole thing & oohs & ahhhs the whole way through it. i have been a bit chicken though & have stopped it before the last scene when the snowman melts!- in case it upsets her.

    When she was sick recently she watched it 4 times in one day (its 30 mins long) & it was the only thing that kept her happy & not thinking about the pain of her burst ear drum.


    thanks Yvonne will have a look
    Haileysman my two love the snowman at the minute watched it again last Friday and it has to be followed immediately by the snowman and the snowdog!


    The snowdog is lovely too – gorgeous music to that one as well.

    Must pick up a copy of Elf somewhere so we can watch it. Naught, horrible sky.

    Love all the Indiana Jones movies at this time of year too – the kids are getting into all that kind of thing now.

    And hopefully Back to the future will be on too – they are great family movies.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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