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    Just got a note during the week -to say because of Education Cuts – 5 classes are bing spilt before term breaks – Parents to be informed when decision is made.

    A couple of years St. Mary’s Congress did this, i had adreadful time with my son – of course School had closed until September . No support from School at all. Wasn’t even informed then

    Suppose this time we have been informed, asked yesterday no decisions yet.
    My dd is going in to second class, she is used to her group and know they will probaly be split up.. Its a disgrace

    What do others think?

    Government has a lot to answer for……


    God thats shocking….. maybe things like this will make parents support the educate together or the Irish schools


    Thats a disgrace!
    My son attends the educate together school in aston village,up at Termonabbey.he has special needs and they are fantastic with him.He went to a school in Bettystown before and they were dreadful with him,I ended up taking him out and teaching him at home!!
    We really need more educate together schools.


    My two kids are in Le Cheile Educate Together. Everything about this school is fantastic, highly recommend it. My kids are so lucky.


    Years ago this happened to me but it was a split to make a new class for an extra teacher. 3 girls were taken from each 4th class (together since babies) and the rest was made up of girls who stayed back. To be honest it was quite hard to settle in to a new class where you know no one but I have made great friends from that class that i will treasure forever!!!

    My ds is going into 3rd class in sept and his class will stay together but in 4th they are split up from 4 classes into 3 in 4th class, I hope he takes this transistion well. I think its a good thing cos they get to intereact with other kids they normally wouldnt, they get new friends and they get used to things changing (cant have same people , same teachers around you all the time)its just an adjustment to look forward to in sept.


    My lil one has been part of the spilt class since the beginning. Because there is 38 in her class … 8 of them have always gone into the year above. Except for this year. They also moved to another part of the school where they can’t even play at break times … this is wrong!
    Bring on the NEW school! We should be fighting & demanding for this to happen sooner than later! Scotch Hall II is back in business and we still don’t have our promised new school!
    Aughhh ….. 👿


    Is there a lobby group fighting for the new school…sorry if you’ve discussed this before in the past but I haven’t heard anything of one and feel there should be more noise made about this!!!!!


    well girls its official,ms mcmahons senior infants class are the class being split for next year.its being split 3 ways and just added to next years first,a second anda senior infants class so basically you will have a full second with 8 thrown in,a senior with 8 thrown in and a first with 7 more added,more or less like that anyway.if only 1 class was split why was it not discussed with this class’s parents.why were parents allowed no input into which class their daughter is being put into????????

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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