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    Just spent a blissful mini break at the Radisson Blu Farnham Estate Hotel in Cavan this week.

    The suite was fabulous, very spacious and luxurious.

    The restaurants are lovely too, we had dinner in the main restaurant and we were so relaxed we spent 2 hours eating andchatting. It was really nice not to have to tend to the kids every minute – its so important to have some time together as a couple and we really enjoyed it. There is also food in the cellar bar, which is a really nice underground pub downstairs. Pity I was only drinking ginger ale but enjoyed it nonetheless!

    The grounds are all beautiful too, there are set walks and a golf course. I haven’t got a clue about golf but my hubby likes the odd game so we have said we will go back and have a game of golf together some time. There is also fishing, which I’ve always wanted to try, so plenty to do when we go back again.

    The highlight for me was an amazing pregnancy massage & facial at the spa – absolutely divine and the best one I’ve had throughout my 4 pregnancies! We spent a good while in the spa, there is loads to do in there.

    The indoor/outdoor pool is really cool – it is a normal indoor pool but you can swim over to the glass wall where there is a door and swim outside. So you are still warm in the water, as its heated but your head is outside and you are surrounded by the rolling hills of the countryside. Its really different. Feels really refreshing breathing in cool fresh air while your body is warm under the water.

    We will definitely go back. Brilliant for a romantic get away without the kids! To be honest, we would not take our little ones there. For us, it is the kind of place to spend some time alone. We usually tailor all trips, events around the children so its nice to have somewhere to go for ‘just us’ occasionally.

    We were only sorry we could not stay another night!


    I stayed at Farnham estate 2 years ago and have to agree with you on some of that. Beautiful location for walks, rooms were lovely and the food was good. however, we were so disappointed with the spa. We booked treatments for the 3 days we were there including our last day-spent a small fortune but it was lovely. Then on the last day after we had checked out we went down to have our treatments having been told when we booked that we could have use of the pool and spa. When we went to the spa they made us sit there waiting for 3 hours til our appointment time. They wouldnt let us use the spa after all we had spent. I sent a letter of complaint at the time but got no response. i hope they have improved on that front 🙁


    That’s a pity Kaybee, although there is new management in there and have to say, they did a great job for us in the spa, restaurant our room etc.

    Overall we were very happy with it. We usually like to try new places when we go away but we will definitely go back there, its worth the repeat visit


    I was there last year and after hearing so much about it, i expected the best but was very dissapointed with the service.

    They were totally under staffed & not very professional at all. It took forever to get anything from menus to food to drinks or even just served at reception.

    Nice place, even beautiful but the staff let it down. we were really trying to enjoly ourselves but kept getting annoyed by the lack of service. It put a dampner on our girls weekend away.

    Plus i was also pregnant & the pool area is soooo dangerous, its so slippy, i was afraid of my life.

    I sent a complaint letter too and got a response but it was just a load of excuses. Not an apology.


    I’ve been three or four times and although love it, have found standards slipped a little, not so much on service from staff, just the whole thing feels a little worn round the edges.

    But I love love love the infinity pool and the whole ambience, which is much cooler and more relaxed than the other one I’ve been a fair bit too, The Heritage in Portlaoise, which I find very flashy, noveau riche and lacking in character.

    Each to their own!


    I’m heading there on Thursday for 3 nights, can’t wait , really need the break! Will probabally sleep for most of it!

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