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    MaryE, I’m the unislim leader in Drogheda and Bettystown so hopefully I can tempt you to give us a go. Unislim is a fabulous plan. It’s called the Food Max plan and what it does is it gets you back to basics with what’s tasty and great for your body. We don’t believe in an emphasis on any one food group rather giving your body what it needs. There is no counting points with the plan which is flexible and suits young and old alike. Unislim believe that it’s the quality of what you eat rather than strict quantities that’s the most important whilst balancing all the major food groups and eating as little processed food as possible! You won’t ever be hungry on the plan. Hope that this helps 🙂


    My mam did unislim years and years ago and she found it the best of the two at the time (weightwatchers)
    She is in her 70’s and she started going to slimming world, she found the group meeting very off putting and the leader very pushy and annoying! I have never heard anything negitive about unislim, i have heard alot who dont like slimming world but the results people are getting are amazing.


    i tried slimming world.i i know people who lost loads with it but it wasnt for me. at every meal you have to eat one third of your meal as fruit or veg. i was overloaded with fruit and veg and my stomach started playing up. i think every plan works if you can fit it into your life but not every plan works for every person.i have just signed up for unislim online as the eveningclass is on too early for me to make.i am excited as on paper the planit looks practical for a my lifestyle .i just have to get stuck into it now! 🙂 i really really am fed up being 3 stone overweight and really want to do this


    Donomum, Livvie is loving in the Unislim classes, she is very good at giving recipes and also, making sure you have some treats too. I woudl recommend her and her classes are not over crowded, so you get good attentiong.

    If you fancy it you can come to some classes with us at LabFitness too to help you to slim down – its a great spot in there. I am doing Zumba on wednesday nights at 9, its a brilliant class, really helps you tone up!


    hi sabbi .thanks for the reply. labfitness sounds great but unfortunately im locked into membership in aura at the moment. i do spinning classes and step (when i go!!!!!!) i love zumba. i did 10 weeks of it with stepping out in the boyne valley at the start of the year. i was all set and signed up to do another 10 weeks but unfortunately they didnt get enough people for the drogheda class and cancelled it. they do it in aura but its extra.i refuse to pay 10euro on top of my membership to do it.exta for kettlebells too. 🙄 in hindsight i wish id thought of labfitness before joining. im going to try and follow the unislim plan online for the ten weeks ive signed for. if i can get to class i will. its just the nearest one to me starts at half six .dh doesnt get home on time.i have had so many false starts .was doing great on ww 2yr ago then there was a death in my family and i havent managed to keep the proper motivation to give myself and my health attention.comfort eating my downfall.hopefully now is my time!!sorry for long post


    Donomum3, Unislim online is great! You will love it, I can’t say enough good things about the food max plan! The weigh in in drogheda is til 7 so if you can ever make it you can pop in at any time for a bit of extra motivation.
    Why not like our Facebook Page Unislim Drogheda/Bettystown forsome advice and motivation and success stories locally and around the country. You sure will earn your yumz doing spin and zumba. Great Food and regular Exercise will help you reach your goals in no time. 😀 🙂


    Hi there,

    has anyone tried Unislim?

    How does it compare to Weight watchers & slimming world?



    Then pop along to your local Unislim Class. Every Wednesday from 6.30 in Ballsgrove (beside the Holy Family Church). 😀


    Hi I dont know much about unislim but my aunt lost over 3 stone in 6 months going to slimming world.My mum joined when she saw how well her sister was doing,she has now lost nearly 1 stone in 2 months.So all i can say is it seems to be working for them.

    Good luck with whatever group you decide to join.


    I been everywhere, Unslim, weight watchers and Slimming World, a type of motivation.. Gym after Gym.. up /down / stayed the same
    Fed up of it all

    Rejoined Slimming World and since Aug the 28th i have lost 1 stone 1 lb.. You need to stay for class and listen to others it really helps.. i go between 2 classes..

    U reallyy have to want to do it too..

    I am walking to work it takes 30 minutes every morning , i am drinking Green tea with lemon and drinking more water..

    Good luck to what ever u decide…
    😀 😀


    I joined slimming world and left, rejoined and left, rejoined and so on… it does not seem to work for me at all!

    Weight watchers? I was always useless at counting points!

    I done unislim once in conjunction with intense exercise, lost 12lbs in 6 weeks!!!!Loved the diet. But I think the plan has changed dramatically since then (3 years ago)..

    I know from reading the above I should probably return to Unislim, but decided for this month I am sticking with Labfitness, 3 classes per week Metabolic Effect and the LBD Slimming Class – please God it will boost my weight loss.. I was looking at pics of me from Operation Transformation and my God, I was so much slimmer then… its quite depressing now!


    Yvonne, the new food max plan is a great new version of the plan devised with the requests of our members in mind and our nutritionists to ensure it’s healthy and balanced. I think you’d like it if you like the old plan, no more counting!!

    Ladies, all plans are different but should have the same underlying message to help our members loose weight at a realistic pace, eat healthy food and exercise for the body and mind.

    Unislim are Irish, if you wanna join a weight management class give us a go. We are in scotch hall next thursday so pop along and get yourself free membership…….

    Livvie 😀


    i agree with you 100percent have to want to do trying the greentea too. not off to a great start.murphys law.bug been going round the house and i feel rotten banging headache since last no exercise but havent much of an appetite so that might help : 😉


    How much is it to join + first week fee? And how much every week?
    I’m thinking of going to Bettystown.

    I tried Slimming world, love the plan, suits me.
    The group was nice, gave me a bost for a day or 2.

    Still lost weight, but now not going to meetings so not doing well.

    I think I need to discover another group and diet type, as I’m a very fussy eater and the adjustments I do with the plans to fit me, don’t go with the plan.
    Need more flexibility.


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