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    Is your child a fussy eater, making mealtimes a nightmare?

    And/or are you too busy to cook healthy meals for the family?

    Do you need practical advice on how to eat well as a family living in modern day Ireland?

    If so, Sideline Productions (the makers of The Great Irish Bake Off) want to hear from you.

    Sideline Productions are looking for a family who are willing to take part in a non-broadcast TV pilot about food and parenting. Ideally the children should be toddlers to early teens. You will receive professional help from a qualified and highly experienced Paediatric Dietician, free of charge. We will film with the family for one day, initially talking about the problems, then we’ll go shopping and at the end of the day our expert will help your kid(s) cook a fresh meal for the family.

    If you – or someone you know – are interested in finding out more please private message me your contact details and we will get in touch. The deadline for this is Tuesday 19th November.


    That would be very interesting. Also if they could do a part for non irish as modern Ireland is made of so many cultures.
    My challenges is to mix my french eating culture with Irish lifestyle and modern living.

    Also the biggest challenge is having 2 kids who don’t like the same things at all!

    Let us know after the non broadcast pilot when it will be on air.

    i’d love to get help and advice but our daily eating routine will not reflect the modern Irish lifestyle.



    Hi Fabienne,
    Just to say we aren’t necessarily looking for an Irish family, rather any family living in Ireland who is having a difficult time when it comes to feeding their kids.


    Go for it Fabienne! I’ll definitely tune in to see you on the telly!!! I think we could all do with some tips for dinner time 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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