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    Hi girls !!!

    Im looking for place where to go with family.
    I have 3 kids ( 9, 2 and 15 mths).
    Time- september- november .
    Any suggestions!


    depending on what you’re looking for we go to wales, it’s great beautiful villages and loads to do with kids all ages, usually get boat to fishgaurd then there are plenty of places to go to, Tenby is quite popular place to visit and a lovely walled town and there are holiday homes/caravan parks around there, there, are plenty of places to go, folly farm, oakwood themepark, loads of farms that you can spend the day they have games etc, and cardigan bay, where renounded for their seals, go fishing, boating, beach and lots more, it’s a different holiday, we stay with family on their farm in a caravan we go every 2 years and always have a ball……have enjoyed it better than going to portugal and thatand also the fact it’s juat a boat ride away and no restriction on what ya can bring….


    Family Holidays

    We have been to Colina Village in Carveoria, Portugal,

    It is family friendly but would need to hire a car to go to nearest villages.

    Try and book your flights seperate – great offers on families facilities.

    Try any of the families hotels – – ideas on family hotels

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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