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    Fairy Powder Non Biological 10 Wash/800G…… the small box is 4.38Euro in Tesco!!!WTF … since when!!! i have always washed my kids clothes in this but i find that price is WAY to much it us to be 3euro!!!! CRAZY…

    SO anyone make a switch to a cheaper brand and find that is was just as good????


    Yes i used to use Fairy powder but changed to Aldi’s liquid sachets non-biological brand name Almat. They clean fine and i have no prob with my 3 yr old or 2 yr olds skin – the 3 yr old suffered with exzema as a baby – and is fine ! I get 20 washes i think the price is 3.49 😀


    Sometimes you can get the 90 wash Fairy Non Bio in Eurospar for abut €20. They havent had it in stock for a while though.

    My MIL is going to check Sparkles in Duleek for me during the week as they said they would be ordering some. I ll let you know if they get it in.


    Choice stock the 90 wash but think its 25 to 29…. i used fairy for YEARS, both for myself and the kids, but noticed the hike in the last while, im like beams i switched to the Almat brand in aldi i buy the 30 odd wash box of non bio for 3.99…… got it thinking it would be crap but i was so surprised at the results, all the yucky stains on the bibs came out.
    My mam said she heard someone on the tv recommending this powder she pass the info onto me and im so glad she did


    Use the Lidl non-bio liquid tabs. Seem to do the same job – & to be honest I usually only use one even when they recommend two…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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