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    Dia Daoibh gach duine,

    Mumstown is very excited to welcome Bábógbaby to the site.

    As lovers of the Irish language, we were delighted and very impressed with the range of teddies available at Bábógbaby and wanted to introduce you to them through their new ad on Mumstown, over on the right.

    Bábógbaby is the world’s first Irish Speaking toy. It teaches toddlers and children 33 words in Irish. With 3 modes – numbers, colours and shapes the child can press the buttons to hear the teddy speak the friendly sounding Irish words.

    With Gaelscoileanna and Naionraí popping up all over the country, this is an ideal gift idea for youngsters to get a few words ‘As Gaeilge’.

    Tá se iontach agus is maith linn é!!

    HE HE, had seen this and had posted….great to see the teddy…


    I think these arefab gift ideas, definitely getting one for our youngest for Christmas. Such a great idea.

    I have a neice and nephew in Jersey and think I might get them one as well, my sister tries to teach them a little bit of Irish so this would be ideal, as it will help them learn some simple words and is a really unusual gift.

    The Babogbaby website is cool too, click on the teddy and he speaks as Gaeilge. It’s really cute, well worth checking out with the kids, ours thought it was great!!


    WOW its always great to see new Irish language Products as they are so hard to find!!

    Fáilte Mór , tá mé cinnte go néireoidh libh!!!

    Definitely be ordering one for the new arrival, when it comes!!

    Le dea-mhéin


    Ce Mhead? Ca bhfuil an Babog Siopa? 😉

    Le gra

    Ibhonne X 😀


    i have checked the link here and looked at the teddy, what a wonderful product…..


    Tá Bábógbaby í contae Gaillimh. Ach feach ar a fógra ar Mumstown, tá cuid mhór eolas ar Bábógbaby ansin.

    Tá na béirín an cleasach! Is maith liom é!!


    If anyone wants a little help with the English-Irish translations, this is a helpful site….



    We are hoping to have one of these fab irish speaking teddis in the next week or so to show at Mumstown events, should have it before the next Bagel Bar Drogheda & Dundalk events.

    A great idea for a gift for a baby, toddler or small child (and will come in handy for any parents whose Irish is a bit rusty too!!)


    I’ve ordered one for my little fella for Christmas, its great!


    Great Julymam, hope he likes it!

    We are delighted to have Bábógbaby on Mumstown, its a very unique product and a great birthday or Christmas gift idea. We hope to have one of the teddies for the October events to showcase….

    thanks for your feedback, much appreciated!


    Brilliant I love it and what a cute little voice 🙂


    Kintters – I think there will be one on display the next coffee morning in Laurence Town Centre, at the bagel bar on Tuesday 5th October so come along and see for your self, I can’t wait to get a good look at one. Definitely on our Christmas list 🙂

    Ba maith liom é!!


    Ah brilliant i’ll be there thanks x 🙂


    Hi all,

    We had a Bábógbaby Irish speaking Teddybear at today’s Marshes event and there was great reaction to it. The teddy speaks in a small child’s voice and has 33 words and phrases ‘As Gaeilge’ that are very easy to learn. It was played with by lots of babies and toddlers (and mammies!!!) today.

    If you would like to see how it works, go to their interactive link and press the buttons, this will give you a good idea; http://www.babogbaby.com/index.php/interactive/

    Bain sult as!

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