Facial numbness

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    Had a bit of a scare last week one side of my face went numb,went to Dr.got sent to a+e had bloods + CT scan.they have no idea what’s wrong and have to go back for neurological consult.am completely exhausted am signed off work.

    Has anyone ever experienced numbness in only one side of face?…..( similar feeling to if you had been to dentist + had numbing injection iykwim)



    So sorry to hear that Haileysmum. Have you any idea when to expect test results?

    My friend had numbness on one side of her face a few yrs back and it was a thing called Bells Palsy. She was sick with it for a few weeks but then it went away. They told her that it could have been stress related? She made full recovery and has been grand since thankfully

    I wonder could you have something like that? Hopefully you’ll get results soon and know what you’re dealing with.

    How are you feeling?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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