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    hiya all ,well i read on this a few month back about something that helps the face muscle but i cant remember what it was .iv had bells palsy twice now on both sides of my face ,my face doesnt feel right since the last time i got it .i just hoping if the person that wrote it back then could tell me what it is that helps.


    Im sure that was Taylor5 , Lana. Send her a pm …she’d be more than happy to help you 😀


    Lana contact taylor5 i know she knows a bit about that. Hope that helps


    Hey Lana….

    I was the person who had the little boy with Bells Palsy, as a result of the chickenpox….
    And yes, Taylor was very helpful with suggestions as to how to relieve it.
    One way was infrared light, which helps to heal the muscle… and she also suggested having a chat to your pharmacist, as they recommenda certain combination of vitamins to assist. Also, facial exercises…. just google it and you’ll come right. Also, important to keep that part of the face warm and protected from the cold, as the cold aggravates the condition.
    My DS is nearly 100% better…. the best solution for him has been time… 😉


    thanks girls 😉 ,iv just pm taylor5……..


    pm’d you back with details and as chewi said time is great, but on second bouts nothing is working for me….


    Hi there,

    My mam had this some years back. She had her faced massaged on a daily basis by a local woman(a reflexologist). I’m cannot remember how long but her face went back to normal. You would never know that she had it at all.

    Definately worth a try.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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