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    Its a tricky one, getting the colour and shape of brows right. If you pluck at home, it can be difficult to get a good shape and to get them even and matching. Some of us have plucked them badly in our teens and are left with little gaps (yep, I did that unfortunately!)

    I find the eyebrow kit from Fuschia is really great. Its 15 euro and lasts a really long time, I’ve had mine a year and its still going strong. If you go in, the girls will help you pick the right colour for you and will show you how to apply it. You can check them out online too: http://www.fuschia.ie

    For shaping the brows, threading is not as harsh as waxing. Studio Wax are very good for threading and were one of the first to do it in the Drogheda area. Highly recommend them. Its quick and looks great and does not leave red patches, like waxing & plucking can do. For more see: http://www.studio-wax.com/html/index.html


    Eyebrows would be one of the most important features on the face when it comes to make-up. They add a beautiful natural frame to the eyes (especially if you have spent some time doing your eyeshadow).
    Filling in your eyebrows will not only add definition to the face but it will also take years off you.
    Starting off with good ground work is essential so I would also suggest to get some threading or waxing done.
    Some may be under the impression that brow filling would only be for those who have lost the pigment in the hair but it is suitable for all ages as it is about filling in the little gaps to give better shape and definition.

    We have 4 different colour brow powders that come along with a side of clear wax which can be used to keep the brows in place.
    We also have waterproof mineral brow pencils in 4 different colours so be sure to pop into us in scotch hall for a consultation.

    Studio Wax

    Hi guys ,
    We couldn’t agree more eyebrows are so important to the structure of your face .Threading is so popular with us at Studio Wax.Known as "the mini facelift" its has been celebrities best kept secret for wow factor eyes!(a)Its very gentle on your skin(B)no other method can achieve the results the way threading does .It is a skill and our team have been trained to the highest level in this method.If you want any info on this don’t hesitate to call us or visit our website http://www.studio-wax.com.
    Filling your brows with brow powder is also a great way to open the eye area and create definition in a very subtle way.We apply this after all our threading appointments and will show you how easy it is to apply and what shade best suits you.We have tried every brow product out there and find that Fuschia is by far the best out there for quality and value .Its a must have in your make up bag!!

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