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    Anyone ever got the above done? does it hurt?

    how long does it last?? is it any good! i hate waxing and tweezing!! :(


    A friends daughter gets it done and swears by it….she said waxing pulls so much on the eye it doesn’t help the wrinkles!!!! Sounded good but never tried myself.


    My SIL gets it done thinks its great also.. think she said it lasts a little longer than waxing/tweezing because you are getting more of the root out.


    heard it’s great think they do it in the beauty shop on the quays near bru, airbrushed…don’t quote me on that but think someone got it done there, if not defo in town…..


    Studio Wax on Shop Street do it!


    i get it done in Studio Wax..They’re great….its much better than waxing and plucking!!! i defo recommend it……


    well i get all three done at the salon at times 😳 …

    waxing does hurt and doesn’t always get the root out, plucking takes so long. As for threading if you let your eyebrows grow out it hurts the longer the hairis. It does hurt the first few times until you get use to it, but i would def recommend. It’s quicker and does get out more….i wouldn’t do it anywhere besides my eyebrow though… 😯

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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