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    Hi Folks, thought it was worth mentioning the following as the amount of people we are coming across that are paying way over the odds for things like life cover and serious illness cover etc., in some cases the annual savings for people have run to thousands of euro!!

    If anyone wants contact or website details they can simply PM me. What is also proving very popular are the "info coffee meetings", this is where we pop along to a house or place of work to explain in general terms the kind of things for you to look out for and be aware of, as well as dispelling a few myths along the way. One such meeting developed into the whole area of weight loss and fitness (background in this area!) and so now we add this part in as well which is going down great (and has seen some great results!!)

    There is no charge and absolutely no obligation and they can be morning, afternoon or evenings, and suitable from 2-10 people. So to save money, lose weight and get fitter, all for free, feel free to enquire! ;-)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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