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    I have just found out I am pregnant, should I continue my gym exercise program.

    I[size=75:9xbuvrq9] am a student in University College Dublin, conducting research on advice given to pregnant women on exercising during pregnancy. The above question is part of this research. Your participation in this research is voluntary, and you are free to refuse to take part at any time. If you do not wish to take part in this research please do not reply to this post. If you wish to take part, please answer the above question as you would if you were replying to a normal question. All replies are confidential; your username will not be referred to in the write up of the research. If you have any questions regarding the research please contact me by e-mail on exerciseduringpregnancy@yahoo.co.uk[/size:9xbuvrq9]


    Good luck with your project…
    If i was to give this answer to someone my answer would be..
    Yes continue with your programme, exercise is fine in early pregnacy if its part of your normal routine and you should contine your life as normal. I do think classes like rebound wouldnt be advise to contine but talk to your gym instructor and or your gp…… you are better to contine exercies in pregnacy as it leads to easier labours and births.

    ;Hope this is okay and again good luck..

    COME ON GIRLS…… help this girl out


    Talk to your trainer – while continuing exercise is recommended, there are certain exercises that are dangerous during pregnancy. Give up anything that involves weights.


    I would say if you are doing excersise before you are pregnant then if the pregnancy is progressing normally.. you should be ok, but just don’t suddenly start weight training if you have never done it before.

    Also your muscles/ligaments can tear easier during preg as they are more elastic???

    Always check with your g.p though would be my advise.. your trainer may not be fully aware of the ins and outs of your personal medical history.

    I walked loads when I was pregnant and up to two years after as we had no car and lived about a half hour walk from Balbriggan Train Station..so even a trip on the train somewhere meant nearly an hours walk…

    Was still as fat as a fool even with all the walking..glad to have my backside in a carnow!!


    If you are exercising regularly before pregnancy it usually fine to keep it up all be it sensibly – talk to your gym instructor and/or gp. On my dd1 i kept up the gym until 8months but as pregnancy progressed i did more walking & less running and then added in swimming towards the end. On DD2 i hadn’t really being going to gym but stuck to walking as much as i could. They do say exercise helps with labour and child birth BUT obviously don’t suddenly take something up.


    i exercised til 12 hours before my little munchkin was born… im a qualified ante and post natal fitness instructor so i knew what i was allowed and not allowed to do…

    the general rule is

    NEVER start a new activity once you find out you are pregnant… so if you never did aerobics before, dont start now.

    Keep doing whatever fitness regime you have had for the past year and as the pregnancy progresses, ask your qualified ante/post natal fitness instructor to make changes to your regime.

    If you have a healthy pregnancy and feel great, there is no reason why you cant exercise the whole way throught… it will defenitely help you with the delivery and the recovery.


    Hi All,

    This is a really interesting thread.

    At Curves ladies health clubs we definitely encourage exercising during pregnancy, as long as you have not had personal medical advice to the contrary. Pregnancy is a natural, healthy body state and staying healthy includes exercise.

    In most cases, if you were exercising before you became pregnant, have a low-risk pregnancy, and have no physical or medical problems, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to continue.

    Our bodies need exercise to function at their best, pregnant or not. In his guide, “Your Pregnancy: Fitness and Exercise,â€


    grogmg, did you get many mums to be to reply to your study?


    I exercised on all of my pregnancies, right up until near the end and it definitely helped me stay in good health. Plenty of long brisk walks kept me sane (well somewhat sane :lol:) fit and well prepared for birth.

    I think pregnancy is a time to be kind to yourself with treats and naps but staying healthy is also part of that. Of course I did indulge in some of my cravings and had lots of long bubble baths but I did not stop being active and I am glad because soon after my babies were born I was able to get them into the buggy and head out for walks with them.

    I just started Curves a few weeks ago and am already addicted! I love the fact that its 30 mins, in and out and I can feel my arms and legs really toning up. If I found out I was pregnant tomorrow (my husband will choke if he reads this!!) I would definitely stay on at Curves.

    Its a nice, friendly environment where women work out, have a chat, have a laugh and support each other.

    As well as some walking and swimming (which is great as you get heavy as baby bumps float in the water and you feel light again) Curves would be my choice for exercise in pregnancy – should I be in that position again 😉


    Hi girls, thank you all for your replies, I should have paid more attention to this forum. I wasnt getting notifications that I had replies so I didnt look 👿

    I tried a few different forums and this is the only one that I got more that one answer from and actually good information not general "talk to your gp and trainer" and they left it at that !!!!!

    I am going to post afew more questions for over the weekend if you wouldnt mind answering them. Cant believe i left it so late to check the best one, 🙄 my thesis is due on the 16th!!!! 😯

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