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    Related to previous thread…

    I’m due to give birth in three weeks & am healthy as a horse, right weight etc etc. :D Kept doing pilates until about 12 weeks when pregnancy sickness knocked it on the head & have had to take it easy since mid-pregnancy to keep mild SPD under control (as easy as you can with 2 under 4!)

    Any advice on how long I should wait before getting back to pilates / hillwalking / badminton – presuming no tears etc…? Any general advice on post-natal exercise? Nothing too high impact as will probably be nursing & they probably wouldn’t appreciate it :) Ta!



    congratulations on the pregnancy!!

    if you have a normal delivery you can start your fitness routine after your 6 week check up (make sureyou ask your gp for a rec to make sure your abs are back close enough so they wont separate)

    then start back with whatever activity you did last during your pregnancy(so pilates and walking) and start increasing it as times goes on.

    Keep doing pelvic floor exercises after delivery to help re strengthen the pelvic floor muscles



    Can you give us some pelvic floor exercise tips please. After 3 kids I need to do these whenever I can (I try to do it whenever I am stuck at red traffic lights, a tip a midwife gave me on my 1st baby) but I do forget about it a lot. 😳

    so any tips most welcome…thanks! 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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