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    For any ladies currently pregnant. Are you unsure what exercises are safe/unsafe to do during pregnancy. There are lots of myths about exercising during pregnancy. If anyone wants some guidelines I’m more than happy to answer your questions. I also run a pre natal fitness class in Skerries if anyone would like some information on that. ☺


    I saw on TV3 last week a slot recommending Tricep dips and it looked so hard….I cannot even do this when I’m not pregnant. It hurts my wrists too much so it seems it might not be the best one to do while pregnant?


    I am still waiting on tv3 to reply. They probably won’t. Bad advice broadcast all over Ireland. How many pregnant women are following that regime at home without any guidance. Tricep dips are one of the worst exercises you can do in general. Never mind being pregnant. They put unnecessary strain on the wrists and create a bad posture while performing the exercise. My top 5 exercises for pregnant women.

    1. Wide sumo squats ( engaging pelvic floor while holding the squat at the bottom.
    2. Facepull/high row/mid row – with a resistance band
    3. Supermans. – great core exercise.
    4. Lateral raises – light 2kg dumbbell
    5. Pelvic tilts in box position

    Stretches. Pec stretch – the muscles become very tight around the chest area due to bump getting bigger and gravity pulling us forward and causing rounding of the shoulders.
    Lat stretch – can be performed on a fitball.

    If anyone is wondering what any of the exercises are or stretches I’d be happy to make a video and put it on mumstown Facebook page. ☺

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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