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    Its absolutely so shocking about these killings in France. Its hard to believe someone could gun down a father, mother & granddaughter in the same car. Then the poor cyclist who was just coming along the road and minding his own business – for him to be shot dead too when he obviously had nothing to do with whatever was going on, is just so tragic.

    There were two children with them too, a 7 year old who was violently beaten and left on the side of the road and is in critical condition in hospital and a 4 year old, who hid under the seats and went undetected, thank goodness.

    That poor 4 year old girl was in complete shock, frozen in fear under her mothers skirt for 8 hours in that car before they discovered her. This will, no doubt, leave her in an awful state.

    Another cyclist found the scene and reported it – its like something out of a movie. You don’t think these kinds of things happen in real life. Very sad for all involved.

    Will keep those poor children in our thoughts.


    Its a very strange indeed. The 8 year old had gun shot wound to the shoulder, it was an automatic pistol that was used, the parents and the grandmam had gun shot wounds to the head, so it cries out that it was a professional hit.

    I did read that it was thought to be a family fued over money, but the brother came out and said that isnt true. The Dead man pulled his engineering company out of Iraq at the start of the war and moved to the UK, this was meant to have pee’d off Sadam and and he had to be given protection from Scotland yard…. God love those poor kids, you would never be right after seeing that never mind being under your dead mothers legs for 8 hours!!!! 😯 The poor child, was she frozen in shock or ridgid with fear?
    Bless them all x


    The older girl is now out of the coma, God she such a threat now to who ever killed them, id be so afraid for her safety.

    Its so awful. There are mad people in this world.


    i couldn’t believe the front of the mirror this morning – had an article in which they said " the french police hope she will have lots of information for them" talk about putting the spotlight on a poor little girl who’s likely to be a target – espeically if she has any "information"
    How the 2 little girls will ever recover from such a horrific ordeal


    The police seem to have no clue about keeping her safe at all! Poor little thing, thats a huge amount of pressure to put on a child. I hope she can remember something and then be put somewhere safe until she can try to recover. Shocking…


    And that poor four year old. Anyone who has kids that age will know how hard it would be for them to stay still at all, never mind eight hours sitting in the middle of her dead family – she must have had serious shock.

    God, they will never get over that. They will have to be put in witness protection.


    The older sister in under armed Guard and has been since the shooting, the little sister returned to England with 2 family members to a secret location and is also under Armed protection…. very strange case indeed.
    Some eye witnesses said the dad had a lot of strange movements for a "Dad" on holidays with the family, the police are lucky that a nosey couple were near them, they said the mam drove in and out of the campsite up to 7 or 8 times, for 20 to 30 mins at a time and he was alone each time!
    Was he meeting someone or was he checking that the coast was clear?

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