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    Dont know if thats spelt right.
    Any mothers whos kids suffer from excema? My son has it. We already went to the docs and he recommended Oilatium and Silcocks base. But it doesnt feel like its improving. I even think its itchy now. I just dont want to see my son suffer.

    Thanks Amy


    We tried all those creams and also found them useless.

    My Ds eczema only improved when we took him off all diary products – it really made a big difference.

    I gave him soya milk & yogurts (ALpro) but now it looks like he may be intolerant of them too so we have moved onto Rice Milk or Goats Milk.


    Try Eucerin. You can buy it in chemists. It is clinically tested (most skin products are not which is a worry!)… It was recommended to me by a child skin specialist in Crumlins’ Childrens hospital – for my child who had bad excema on her face/arms/legs. This is important – Make sure you buy Eucerin with at least 5% Urea (10% is good too). After a bath – put it on moist skin (just pat dry gently, don’t rub) .. the urea seemingly coats the skin and helps stop moisture escaping. It solved our problem.

    Best of luck, its a terrible thing for little ones to suffer from. If you try it , let me know how you get on. Kind regards

    ps: my child reacts badly to Johnsons baby products – look at the labels of products (even shampoos) – aveeno is also a Johnsons product – a lot of these products have lots of nice smells in them which actually react to some sensitive young skins..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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