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    The increasing number of young people we are treating at BodyRight for lower back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain is alarming. Some cases of teenage/young adult back injury can be really serious, requiring surgery. And prevention is much better than cure.

    The two primary causes of back pain in our experience are over weighted school bags unevenly distributed on the back and incorrect footwear. When combined with the long hours of sitting, often in poor positions its no surprise that pain arises.

    I realise that it is fast approaching Exam time and getting kids to ‘hit’ the books is a priority for any concerned parent but to reduce pain or prevent injury try and insure:

    1. That your child limits the number of school book they carry at any one time
    2. That the bag is fitted correctly on both shoulders, high and tight against the back.
    3. That they sit straight on a well supported chair while studying.
    4. That they are getting some regular exercise, eating well and maintaining a healthy weight.

    With Footwear, try and insure it is supportive with an arch-support worn with at least a 1” heal, the laces tied up correctly!!

    Things to watch out for, with Problem Feet, are:

    1. The child wares away one side of the sole of their shoe.
    2. The heel of the shoe is not supporting the foot so that it is collapsed on one side. (Such as feet flopping inwards in UGG boots and Dubarry’s or pumps!)
    3. Their foot turns in or out while walking.
    4. After a moderate walk the child is tired or complains of lower back pain, neck pain or sore feet.
    5. The child’s knees rub together when walking.

    A change in postural habits as above or a correction in footwear can solve most current problems and help prevent future difficulties. In some case specially fitting insoles or orthoses are prescribed.
    For weak postural muscles (which can persist after an episode of back pain, ModifiedPilates is an excellent way to strengthen up again.)

    If you have any concerns consult your Chartered Physiotherapist or GP.

    For advice or enquiries you can contact me at the clinic on 0419843950.

    Sarah MISCP

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