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    World Breastfeeding Week 2011 runs from 1-7th August. The plan for Friends of Breastfeeding is to mark the week by kicking off our mother-to-mother support system (official name still to be decided, check out the forum to add your suggestions!).
    We figured what better way to complement it than to run a variety of coffee mornings across the country? Hopefully there will be one in easy travelling distance of anyone who might want to attend.
    In keeping with the concept of Friends of Breastfeeding, you do not have to be currently breastfeeding to host or attend a Friends of Breastfeeding coffee morning.
    Where to host it is up to you, it can be in your house or in a cafe/restaurant/kids play area.
    You can hold the event any time you like from 1-7th August, whatever day and time suits you.
    Friends of Breastfeeding will list all events on our website. Details listed will include the hosts first name, phone number and venue. If you are hosting in your home, we can list a general area only and we’d suggest having directions ready in a text message for anyone who contacts you. We will also post about the events on our Facebook page, directing people to the website. If you want to advertise it any other ways locally or otherwise, that’d be great!
    A full list of events for World Breastfeeding Week will be available soon at:

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