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    Its absolutely sickening that money being given to charities – by us, the gullible public – has been used to top up salaries of top executives. In Irish charity the Central Remedial Clinic, the top exec has a salary of 170K+ and some of the money given by the public has been used to top up his salary.

    I am really really annoyed by that. I did not give my money for people to paid extra tops up on what is already a very generous salary.

    In the past few weeks I have been giving money all around the town and this will make me think twice about who I am giving it to.

    Very disheartening.

    I will still be bringing a bag of toys & clothes into SVP shop in Drogheda today. That’s is something that definitely goes to people who need it.


    Is it the charities that are ripping us off though or have they fallen victim? I haven’t read too much about it so i honestly don’t know but my first impression was that they collected the money in good faith but when it was given over to the hospitals they put it to wrong use? I don’t know though


    The poor volunteers out giving their time for what they believe to be a good cause. The CEO of the CRC got a top up and apparently it went right down through the ranks. They ought to be ashamed of themselves – surely that is theft?? Who authorised it?

    Well, I for one will not be giving them anything. I will give food, clothes and toys to the SVP.


    The guy at CRC is on a 170K salary got top ups on his salary from monies collected through fundraising & collecting money. That is plain wrong

    He is on a salary of 170K!!!! Why does he need any more than that? is he entitled to bonuses etc and even if he is, why should money supposedly going to the actual cause, be used to pay him that extortionate fee.

    Seems like there is good money in running a charity. I worry that people are doing it for the wrong reasons after hearing this on the news today

    Its a terrible situation. Between that and the children’s hospitals being over budget with patients waiting for treatments, while executives are getting bonuses – ooh it makes my blood boil!!!!!!

    who in the HSE actually deserves any kind of bonus at the moment??IMO its certainly not anyone in admin jobs. The only ones I think deserve more money are front line workers like nurses, porters etc who should be getting paid far more than they are.

    We have it all wrong. Its disheartening.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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