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    It’s Eurovision song contest final night again! (Or "love thy neighbouring country" with votes night :lol: )

    Will you watch it? All or just the voting panto? :wink:

    Hopefully the weather stays reasonable coz I’ve marinated a selection of chicken and sliced pork steaks with the intention of firing up the BBQ for the first time this year, accompanied with a glass (or more) of wine should make for a more enjoyable Eurovision experience :D

    (BBQ sauce, dijon mustard, honey, soy sauce and a drop of red wine for the marinade if ya wanna give it a try :wink: )


    I’ll flick over and back.. think it was better when Ireland always had a better chance!


    I didn’t watch it….sounds like I didn’t miss much.Feel bad for the irish entrant getting last place,it must be very hard to take but a lot of it does seem to come down to who your neighbouring countries are so its not exactly a fair race!.


    OMG – did one of the Irish backing drummers have horns on his head???!!! What was that all about? He looked like a minotaur!

    It was a mad show – very Gay Pride-ish! So many gay, lesbian & drag queen things going on; there were girls kissing, boys dancing together and every other country who rang in votes had a gay guy phoning it who was camp as anything 🙂

    It was mental – the Swedish interval act was insane, the Swedish references were so crazy from IKEA to the Swedish chef and calling ‘Johnny Bloody Logan’ a drag queen was so weird. They said Linda Martin winning with ‘Why Me’ was actually Johnny Logan dresses as a woman? 😯

    It was a funny show – we laughed alot. Greece was hilarious. I think Greece & Ireland had the maddest dances and musicians on stage (and this is no mean feat at a Eurovision!!) and by looking at us, you could see why these two countries have almost brought the Euro to an end.

    All in all, absolutely madness but in a strange way, entertaining!

    Poor auld Ryan Dolan, he won’t be a happy camper coming home today with that result – in fairness, he sang it well and I thought he would have done a bit better than that.

    Maybe Johnny Logan should come back next year??

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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