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    thinking of going to euro disney with dh & the kids next summer… was on to abbey travel in town they say they’ll be taking bookings for next yr in approx. 6wks time… thinking of going either in april or aug depending on prices…. ds will be 5 then & dd will be 2 – is it worth going with young kids that age & is it best to book thru a travel agents or book online????? any tips or advice welcome!!!! this will be the 1st proper holiday in abt 5 yrs & itll be the last one for maybe another 5 yrs!!!! :)



    I just got a quote for Disneyland paris – for 2 adults and 2 children for thursday until Sundayin October 2008 for €1665 for flights / accomdation & park tickets all included tht was with magic vacations.

    I would think April would be cheaper than August.

    Friends have been and have told us to bring snacks with us and not to buy in there.


    would you not try going to a theme park first and see how they got on if they’ll enjoy it first before splashing out…love to go to disney land but waiting til ds is a little older to enjoy


    i’m after dissuading dh on florida & we came to a compromise on eurodisney… ds never shuts up about it he sees the ads on tv etc so i know he’d really enjoy it… we were in florida yrs ago before kids came along & had a ball we’re big kids ourselves!!! got the brochure the other day & there’s day trips to paris, visits to aquariums etc etc so we wouldnt be restricted to the theme parks if we didn’t want to but the theme parks would be the main reason for us going. my dd is deaf & very visual. she also got the cochlear implant & she’s constantly picking up sounds & voices so we thought it would be a positive experience for her….


    Missyg have a look on the disney web site, they have great offers and I think untill march 09 kids stay and play free…. or was it march 08? Check the site and you’ll get all the info.
    Congrats on you dd implant going so well


    Hi MissyG
    We have been to Eurodisney on 3 occasions, my ds was 2 and 3 the first and second time we went and he enjoyed it.
    The 3rd time we took our 2 year old dd. ds would have been 5. they both had a ball. having said that my dd thinks she’s a teenager so anything like that she would have had a ball.
    Yes, you’ll have to watch the times for sleeps for the kids and all that be we were lucky as our hotel was right at the gates so we could do that quite easily.
    Correct about the food. It is very expensive. I know my mother and sisters went some time ago and they took some rolls from breakfast to the parks with them and that tied them over.
    Most of the rides will be not problem for your 2 year old.
    I woudl definitely recommend it. I would love to go again this year except we now have an 11mth old as well and I think she’s just too young for it.
    Enjoy every minute of it, for sure the kids will.
    Take care


    i popped into abbey i think a couple of weeks back, i couldnt follow the pricing in the brocure. Anyway, she gave me an estimate of €1500-€2000 for 3 nites in April. Thats just flights & accomodation. Think thats mental pricing. There are apartments with Pierre et Vacanaces that you can book, my old boss always recommended to me and i booked my sis and kids there last year. Its really reasonable, 1 metro rid from the park. Prices not available for next year yet.


    cheers everyone, for your comments, i’ll take it all on board when deciding… i was really p***sed off today cos my dh’s teenage daughters said they were there last yr & they said it was crap & it turned dh right off…. 🙁 grr…..! i said its not for us its for the 2 younger kids to have a good experience… v disheartened about it tonite, but i’m still determined to check it out fully before we book it or do anything…


    I know two families with 6 kids between them who went this year ( the kids range from 3 to a 12 year old boy) and they all had a ball, they were only home and the kids wanted to go back


    Missy G, My sister was there last year with her two kids – 7 and 9 – they loved it. Didn’t get to half of what they wanted because there was sooo much to do. They were so excited about it that we are bringing our little one who’s 3 in October. We got the best price from Magic Vacations in Cork. I’m sure that your children will have a ball. By the way I made the mistake of mentioning to my dd that we might bring her to meet Mickey Mouse and she is so excited, she asks everyday when are we going. I’m nearly in tears looking at her little face, I dread to think how I’ll be when we get there.


    awwww she sounds soooo cute!!! 🙂 kids are so much fun to look at!!!! i think i managed to persuade dh again so i’m hoping that’s the end of the matter – we’ve decided & booking – soon! hehe

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