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    We used the Eurobounce castles last week andhad a great birthday for dd, the one with the slide and steps was great fun.
    Thanks to the advertisement on the right hand side of the page we were able to ring Eurobounce last week, for a bouncy castle, although we’ve had lots of flyers through the door when it came to dd’s birthday we couldn’t find anyone’s number.
    We clicked on the advertisement and noticed the offers available, the different kinds of bouncy castle and the phone numbers attached.
    The kids had a great time and gave us a few welcome minutes to ourselves.
    Will definitely use them again.


    lol jedt you’re right, we’ve had plenty of flyers but whenever I’m looking for the number, just can’t find them anywhere.

    Thanks for the idea, we have a party due in the next few weeks, if the weather holds we might give them a shout, how long do you keep the big bouncy castles for?


    These guys seem to have some good special offers on at the moment – we have a family event in next few weeks, my neighbour used them and was very happy with them so I think I’ll give them a shot.

    Thank goodness for last minute bookings with our weather!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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