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    Hi all

    I have just set up a new business and I would like to let you know about it.
    It is called Euro Syndicate . It is a monthly Euro Millions syndicate. I am trying to pool as many people together every month playing the Euro Millions every Tuesday and Friday. In doing so everyones chances of winning money increases. It is €16/€18 per month depending on the amount of draws in the month. It is for the main draw only. I started this last month and the first syndicate is up and running for the month of September.
    I am looking for people who want to earn extra cash to sign people up to the syndicate. You will receive a fixed amount per completed application . There is also a little bonus for hitting targets. Ideal for people with the gift of the gab and who want to earn some extra money. Sign up family, neighbours, colleagues etc .
    Email for further details
    Text "details" to 0862779472

    Thank You

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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