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    I know someone only posted this a day or two ago but i can’t find the thread and i’m rushing (as usual)
    I’m thinking of getting an entertainer for a house party for a 5yr old – am i mad???
    Any one any idea of costs? or any recommendations please?
    She wants playcentre party but to be honest she’s not mad on playcentres it’s really only because every party she’s been invited to this year has been at a play centre


    If she is set on a playcentre, PJ’s in Balbriggan is really excellent. They give you a party organiser who is dedicated to you for the whole party ; she stays with them for play area, games, food & cake etc. We have had a few parties there and its excellent.

    If you want someone to come to the house you could ask Jo-Anne at Erin Crafts, she is at erincrafts@gmail.com

    We had a Pinata for our daughters party at home last year and it took them an hour to break it, was great value, got it from Pinatas Pinatas, Ruth is great, she can make pretty much anything! She is at: http://pinataspinatas.com/


    Hiya munchin

    I am a childrens entertainer … if you pop over here you can see all the packages I offer, something for everyone


    The most popular for your dd’s age is either the Princess Party, Princess & Pirates Party or the Popstar Party.

    All my parties last about 2.5hrs and we are there from 15mins before the children arrive (to set up) until the parents come to collect the children. Our aim is to ensure all the children have loads of fun while the host has time for a cuppa in peace, lol.

    Drop me an email or pm with the party you would like, where you are and approx numbers and I would be delighted to quote for you. Also be sure to mention Mumstown and you will get a free gift too!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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