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    Just did something that left me feeling really sad……gave away my baby cot to a charity shop. It was so hard to do. It has been down for ages now, all packed with love and ready to go. But so hard to say good-bye to that part of my life. I have so enjoyed bringing my babies home and watching them grow from little bundles to little toddlers, moving onto their big beds.

    I didn’t have the room to store it in our house as we have the attic converted and I didn’t particularly want to keep it for my children as it seemed a little presumptuous…I’m sure they will enjoy the shopping trips for their own babies if and when that day comes.

    How sad am I :lol: missing a cot????? I brought my first baby home in Oct 1995 and used my own childhood cot (couldn’t afford a new one) for the first 3 and then I bought this cot for my 4th. Its now 2010, 15yrs later and I am finally saying goodbye to all things baby.


    ah mummy5 it’s not sad as in sadcase sad, but it is sad as in that time of your life has passed, and yes it’s tough to say goodbye to things like that, your children grow and when you look back at the baby items you can’t but think oh where has my baby gone….i do that now as each time i pack away the clothes they have grown out of, when i packed away the crib, the carry tot for the car a little tear filled my eye,as that baby baby stage was gone….

    you have passed your cot onto someone else who will experience the same love and joy you have experienced, their baby coming home from the hospital to the day their baby turns to a toddler to be in a bed….

    you’d love to freeze your babies to stay babies but that’s not possible, as each day they grow you experience something new in them and new in you…

    ah look at us mammies all sentimental….nobody said that watching your child grow could be so emotional…..being a parent is a wonderful thing but trying and emotional too, as one day that baby will go on to have their own life their own kids etc etc….ahhhhh

    so your ansswer is no your not a sadcase…lol we all are….lol


    Mummy5….what are you like?? I reckon you are like a normal, loving mammy who gets emotional when she sees her babies growing into toddlers and then into children and so on….its emotional giving away the cot, thats a big one.

    Its so normal to feel this way. Last year we gave away lots of baby things as we were sure we would not need them ever again but then this year, I got pregnant and then we cursed ourselves for giving our cot away! I had given away all my maternity clothes that I had bought over the years and soon had to buy new maternity clothes as my bump started to grow. I was so excited but sadly we lost the baby and now I cannot bring myself to give any of those clothes away. I may never need them again but am clinging on to them for no good reason – I think us mums like to hold on to things, it makes us feel better and we literally only give them away when we have no space left! So until my wardrobe is full, which will most likely never happen, that little pile of maternity clothes will sit there, I know it makes no sense but I just don’t want to give them away yet, I’m not ready.

    Its always hard to give things away, especially a cot – as it holds so many wonderful memories but now you can look forward to the next stageand soon, they will all be at school and you’ll have time to yourself again (although, the first time I had my 3 out of the house at school and play school I was a bit lost and kind of sad – but now I’m used to it and get loads of work done and enjoying it!)

    Each stage brings a mixture of feelings but I think this is a lovely post and will resonate with many parents. x

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