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    Elton John has become a Dad at 63!

    He and his partner, David Furnish hired a surrogate and she gave birth to a baby boy, (with a really really long name!) on Christmas Day in California.

    Reckon sleepless nights would be rough going at 63 years old but maybe they’ll have a team of nannies to help out, they can certainly afford it :D

    Good luck to them.


    ah that’s great news to hear….he’s getting on in age alright but hey if it’s something they wanted, what more could make them feel complete….great seeing same sex couples having the oppertunity to become parents….


    How jolly!


    Elton is reputed to be very grumpy. I can see him doing a Clint Eastwood and building the Baby and its Nanny a house on the Mansion Grounds after a few nights of incessant crying!

    Well it will be a baby which will want for nothing, love included!


    @ Sparklycake, did I read that Elton off on a "gruelling" world tour in Feb?!

    Shurely shome mishtake?!?!!!


    Went & saw him in the o2 a few weeks ago. THought it was crap! Just him & the piano for most of it. Very in your sitting room type of show. Got the tickets for free… would have been very disappointed if i’d paid for them.


    Im sure they will be great parents, a bit old but great parents

    Isnt Elton Godfather to a rake of kids? The Beckhams and Liz Hurleys child to name a few!

    Im sure he/they will have nannies and help to beat the band, as long as they and the child are happy and loved cant see a problem with it.

    Didnt know Clint Eastwood build a house for the baby!!!!! OMG What a plonker!!


    lol I was right, he has bought a luxury apartment next to his and has a team of nannies providing around the clock care so as not to disturb his sleep, lol…… oh if only we all could do that for an odd night!


    Did they steal it from the Queen Vic 😆 😆 😆

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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