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    Have you tried our new high foaming Elave Shampoo yet?!

    Well there’s no time like the present as we now have Elave Shampoo & Conditioner Twin Packs and Elave Junior Wash & Shampoo Twin Packs available in participating pharmacies nationwide while stocks last. These banded packs are fantastic value at 2 for €10!

    Also receive a Free 50g Elave Intensive Cream worth €5 on special promotion packs of Elave Handwash and Elave Junior Handwash.


    There is a huge difference with the new formula shampoo, loads of mums had said to us over the past few years that they love the Elave products because they are so soft on skin, especially for babies or children with sensitive skin and the only teeny complaint was the lack of foaming action in the shampoo.

    Elave took that feedback and reformulated their shampoo to be foamier and its really great. I like the extra foam action in it – you get some good bubbles on the head when scrubbing it in. Brilliant!!

    If anyone has not tried Elave yet, highly recommend it and if you can get it in a twin pack or special offer pack, all the better! 🙂


    must keep an eye out for them, i’m off at the weekend to get my monster tub of the body lotion myself and both the girls use it all the time, they love using the pump themselves 😆 😆 but out of all the creams i’ve tried elave are def one of kindest to sensitive skins

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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