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    Just wanted to say that Elave have done some improvements on their kiddie’s shampoo, and it gets a big thumbs up from me! I have my own version of Rapunzel… and I washed her hair tonight….. long straight hair all the way down to her bum. I liked the fact that the shampoo now foams…. much happier with that… and best of all is that there are no nasty chemicals in it. I thought I’d chance my arm and not use conditioner with it to see how we got on…. and I have to say I made it all the way through her hair, with a fine tooth comb, and not a single moan from her. So, its all good.
    Well done Elave… :) I’m happy….. think I’ll pop out and get the conditioner too… :) I like the fact that they took their feedback on board and addressed the needs of their consumers…. fair play, ’tis good when a company actually listens…. very impressed! ;)


    Thank-you for taking the time to post your feedback for the newly formulated Junior Shampoo, we have extended this formulation out to the Elave Baby Shampoo and the original Elave Shampoo also, it was a difficult task to create a formulation that foams and lathers without using soap or sulfates. I have circulated your feedback within the company to all involved with the process of making this fantastic new formulation happen.

    Thank-you for your support.


    You are most welcome. I like to acknowledge a job well done…. 🙂 Kids like playing with "bubbles" and foam…. (or at least my two do… creating whacky hairstyles in the bath)… now they can, and mommy is happy as their skin isn’t being subjected to harsh chemicals. Well done Elave…. a difficult task I’m sure, but worth it… 🙂 Thank you..


    We’ve been using it too and its lovely and foamy and creamy, its lovely on their hair and they like the bubbles!! Good job Elave!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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