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    Okee dokee….

    Just bought the Elave junior bodywash…. so we’ll see how we get on.
    I’m normally an avid Burts Bees fan, so I’m keen to see how the kids react to this…. :wink:


    Hi there,

    Delighted you have decided to give Elave Junior body wash a try. We call it the Sun, Moon & Stars of safe skincare and have designed the packaging with that in mind. We always advise that Elave skincare is used together so there is no chemical overload on the skin. So if you like it we have a shampoo and cream so no chemical nasty suds reach children’s delicate skin. Let us know how you get on. Also Elave is fully Irish. 🙂


    oooh… will have to pick up the shampoo etc….. cos I agree, don’t like to combine and use other products…. fortunately its the Burts Bees that I need to finish off first… :wink:… and that is also "nasties" free…

    But yeah, looking forward to giving this a go!


    Okee Dokee….
    And so my official opinion…(for what it is worth) is….

    I am REALLY liking this! I’ve been using it on both of my kids for the past couple of weeks, and didn’t want to say anything positive or negative until we’d seen lasting effects over a period of time.

    What I can say is that both of my little folk have mild excema… and as a result I am very wary about what I use on them. And I have definitely seen an improvement in both of them… especially the skin on the tops of the arms…. the excema hasn’t completely cleared as yet… but I’m feeling pretty sure that it will… as we are heading in the right direction.

    Now I’m happy to start using the other products….. 😉

    And now…. as a question for the bigger folk in the family… the DH and myself…. both of us are finding that the ‘ol crocodile skin is reappearing now due to the winter months. I am hopeless at doing the whole moisturiser thing for myself… and there is less likelihood of DH doing it either. So…. the baby oil that you have… would that be suitable to throw into the bath?


    Ahh… just read one of the other posts where you mentioned popping it into the bath….
    will have to give it a whirl! 😉


    Chewie – have you tried the Elave facial cleanser yet? It is divine…one of my faves. We use Burts Bees too and sometimes Neways too but have to admit, over past few months Elave is taking over in our bathroom. Definitely like that its Irish but the main thing for us, is the lack of chemicals and the fact it is so nice on your skin. And reasonably priced too; thats also important to us.


    Have been using the shaving products for the past few months, they were bought by my wife, so gave them a try and find them excellent.

    The shaving gel is easy to use, not foamy like some shaving products out there so takes a bit of getting used to – but on the plus side, the gel gives good coverage, goes on easily and does not feel like it is pulling on my skin when shaving.

    Have less redness and irritation and as a bloke with a heavy growth, I sometimes need to shave twice a day and this product suits me as it is not harsh.


    Thank you for your official review of the Elave baby products. We are thrilled you like them and have noticed the improvement in your little ones skin.
    To answer your query on the "crocodile skin"… you can put the Elave baby oil in the bath but for a total moisture surge we would recommend applying directly to skin after a bath or shower.Towel off and apply while skin is warm and the oil is easily absorbed. The baby lotion is great also all over moisture and can be used on the face too.

    Thanks again! 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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