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    Elave Gift Sets Available in pharmacies now!

    The Elave Autumn Newsletter: An easier way to read: Elave Newsletter

    Elave Baby Keepsake Boxes Many baby skincare products contain harsh chemicals linked to sensitive skin conditions. That’s why Elave baby contains safe, non-reactive ingredients.

    Developed with dermatologists Elave formulations allow you to discover a skincare routine that intensively hydrates and softens baby’s delicate skin.

    Elave have super cute Keepsake Gift Boxes available in baby pink, baby blue and white with green trim – containing Elave baby bath, shampoo and baby intensive cream with a facecloth, worth €31 now in pharmacies nationwide priced at €19.95!
    [attachment=3:3n6y6cxh]Super Cute Keepsake.png[/attachment:3n6y6cxh]
    A larger baby Keepsake Box also available containing Elave Baby Bath, Baby Shampoo, Baby Cream & Baby Oil with a soft cuddly toy rabbit with bell priced at €39.99 at a saving of €12. Not only are the baby sets an ideal gift to give a new arrival but they also offer fantastic value to regular Elave users. Keepsake boxes are great for storing all your baby’s memory’s together —from cards to their hospital wrist band.
    [attachment=2:3n6y6cxh]Baby Keepsake.png[/attachment:3n6y6cxh]
    Something to Pamper Yourself Why not treat yourself or a friend to a Fab Elave Body Care Gift Set—containing Elave Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Shower, Intensive Cream with exfoliating body brush to help improve circulation and exfoliate away dry skin.
    This set is all you need for shower time to keep your skin soft, moisturized and supple. This fantastic pack is worth €35 but you can get it in pharmacies now priced at €19.95!
    [attachment=1:3n6y6cxh]Body Care Gift Set.png[/attachment:3n6y6cxh]
    Not Forgetting the Dad’s!
    Check out this great Elave Men’s Shave Gift Set—treat those sensitive dad’s or the man in your life to one of these brilliant shaving sets. For €19.95 you will get an Elave Shave Gel, Shave Balm, Shower Gel, Shaving Brush and a Shaving Towel—offering a saving of €15!
    [attachment=0:3n6y6cxh]Mens Shave Gift Set.png[/attachment:3n6y6cxh]


    oh the baby boxes are great idea

    think i’ll grab one of those shaving kits for dh from the girls for xmas 😉


    Great to see our Elave Gift Packs on your newsletter. Our Baby Sets are really super cute – not only are they an excellent gift to give to new parents to help them give the best start to babies skincare from the beginning but they are fantastic value for regular Elave users.

    Why not treat the new Mum and Dad as well to one of the adult gift sets – we have an Exfoliating Body Set for mum’s and a Shave Set for the Dads!


    Mailshot Sent.


    I love the keepsake boxes, where in the Drogheda area is stocking them?… outside the town if possible as i dont want to drag the kids into town.

    The shaving pack it great, Munchin i was thinking the same a great gifl for dh for xmas from the boys.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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