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    Its not often I promote a product, but I had to on this one

    I was given a sample of the Elave Face Cleanser on Friday and have been using it since and I have to say it is just fantastic.

    As you are all aware I wear make up every day in here and lots of it. This product is the first one I have used that cleans you face in one go. My face does not feel tight after using it and it has this lovely smooth finish to your face havingremoved your make up.

    I cannot recommend this highly enough, now lets see how good it is at 4am in the morning with my balance slightly off :lol:


    I bought some in boots at the weekend and i agree with ya – salon clean skin 😆 😆


    I’ve been raving about this one since started using it a few weeks ago, its luxurious, which surprised me; I thought like most cleansers I’ve used that I would have to scrub to get my make up off but it comes off easily and feels gorgeous and no tight feeling afterwards.

    Half the women in my family are using now too, after hearing me banging on about it!! Its not expensive either, definitely one to try out.


    Delighted to hear the great responses for the Elave Cleanser, it’s a product I use myself and it is probably my favorite product in the range. Although I don’t have dry skin, I find it works really well on my combinational skin and leaves a lovely moisturised film on the skin without leaving my face greasy. So I feel its not just a product for dry sensitive skin but for all types. A lot of women like to use a toner in theircleansing routine often taking the 3 step approach of cleanse, tone and moisturise. I would recommend splashing cold water on the face, basically a toner is designed to close the pores and cold water will do this without the harshness of toner ingredients.


    I must try it.

    I normally have combination skin but the last few weeks have been getting a few dry patches on my skin, so really need to change what im presently using.

    I just had a look on line at the products & i am delighted at the reasonable prices of your products – i really thought they would be much dearer.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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