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    Irish People Say it’s More Important to be Liked Than Admired

    • 25% say they feel at their best when spending time with family, friends or partner
    • 62% say their humour effects their perception of how they look
    • Kylie Minogue (17%) & Lance Armstrong (14%) top the poll of celebrities we admire for facing adversity in their lives

    It’s what’s inside that counts according to new research from Elave Skincare, proud sponsor of the Irish Cancer Society’s Look Good Feel Better Programme.

    The Look Good Feel Better Programme helps those undergoing cancer treatments to rebuild a positive sense of self and boost their self confidence. According to the research, 77% of Irish people stated that feeling better on the inside was more important than feeling beautiful on the outside. This sentiment was further echoed with 73% stating it’s more important to be liked than admired.

    Elave’s research coincides with announcement that they will donate €1 from sales of Elave Shower Gel, Elave Intensive Cream and Elave Shampoo during the months of April and May to the Look Good Feel Better Programme. These products are low irritancy and suited for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radio therapy as they are free from harmful chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, perfume and dyes.

    It’s All About Quality Time!
    The purpose of the research was to delve into the reasons behind our perception of ourselves and what makes us feel good about ourselves and a range of factors contribute to this. Topping the poll is spending time with family, friends or a partner with 25% of the poll. This is followed closely by 21% of Irish people who feel at their best after a great night’s sleep or when they wake up in the morning. Not surprisingly, 62% of those surveyed stated that their humour directly effects how they feel about themselves. Chances we are having a bad time of it and in bad form, we will have a less positive perception of how we look.

    Taking to the Outdoors
    Elave also looked to find out what treats and indulgences the Irish public still enjoy which make them feel better about themselves. 24% of respondents said that enjoying walks in the country, games of golf or sessions in the gym all contributed to making them feel better. Enjoying a good meal or spending time with friends also helped 23% of Irish people to keep their spirits up.

    Look Good Feel Better Programme
    Cancer will affect one in three people in Ireland and of those surveyed, 73% knew someone who was affected by cancer. All of those affected made changes to their lifestyle as a result of their illness. Support from family and friends was the number one factor (35%) which helped those affected feel better about themselves. The Look Good Feel Better Programme helps cancer patients deal with the appearance related side effects of their treatment. Patients can attend free skincare and make-up workshops which help them to address the appearance related side effects of their cancer treatment. The workshops also boost patients’ self esteem and encourage them to approach their treatment with increased confidence.

    Cancer is increasingly viewed as a condition from which people survive. It is estimated that 280,000 people diagnosed between 1995 and 2009 have survived their cancer. Irish people identified Kylie Minogue (17%) and Lance Armstrong (14%) as the people they most admire who have faced adversity in their lives. Other famous faces that feature in the poll include actor, Michael J Fox (13%) and Sharon Osborne (11%).

    Commenting on the findings, Joanna Gardiner, Sales & Marketing Director, Elave, said, “This research give us some insights into why we feel the way we do. It’s great to see that Irish people acknowledge that it’s what’s inside that’s the most important. It’s clear that a range of factors work to make us feel better about ourselves and this is the very foundation of the Look Good Feel Better Programme. Elave are delighted to support the Programme for the second successive year and are proud to be involved in such an important initiative which improves the lives of cancer patients throughout the country. Having met the people going through the Look Good Feel Better Programme we know that boosting their sense of self is key to improving their approach to their treatment”.

    For further information, please contact:
    Emma Ross
    T: 01 6651950
    E: emma.ross@bespokewithdirection.ie

    Irish Cancer Society
    Jane Curtin/Donna Parsons
    Irish Cancer Society
    T: 01 2310559
    E: jcurtin@irishcancer.ie dparsons@irishcancer.ie

    Product Prices
    Elave Shower Gel 250ml (RRP: €6.99)
    Elave Intensive Cream 125ml (RRP: €8.99)
    Elave Shampoo 250ml (RRP: €6.99)


    Now you can help the Irish Cancer Society by buying Elave. Not only will you be making a safe & healthy choice for your family’s skincare but €1 from all sales of these products will go to Irish Cancer Society.

    Well done to Elave on this very worth while campaign.

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