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    have many schools been affected by cutbacks.have many schools lost a teacher and have had to split it normal to keep 7/8 kids back with younger class even though they should be moving on to next class,surely this will put them at a huge it also normal that the school would not discuss this with parents.why also would a school continue to take in more kids to make up two junior infants when they have not enough teachers to teach two first does not make sence to we have to just sit back and take it.what about the older people taking to the streets to keep their medical cards.should we as parents also do the same to demand a fair education for our children.why do we take everything lying down.why do we say its ok to treat our kids like this.why have we no say in our childrens education when we contribute to the schools several times during the year and get involved in all their fundraisers etc.whats gone wrong in this country.our health system is a sham,our education system is a sham.we need to stand together for the future of our children.


    Hi Angelmum,

    It is terrible that a class is being split like that I know my daughters would hate it, not happening in their school yet hopefully it won’t.

    Parents and teachers did take to the streets many times when this was first announced. There was a big protest outside the government buildings on the night of the debate, our parents council organised a bus to this it was during the mid term break in October. There was another protest on a Saturday in December the INTO organised buses to this from all schools in Drogheda (I think from the whole country) it went from Parnell Square to government buildings brought Dublin city center to a standstill for a few hours, I met parents and teachers from lots of different Drogheda schools at this. There were also other marches around the country other days. This made no difference the cutbacks still went ahead.

    The reason your school is still taking in 2 junior infants classes is because the teacher/student ratios are spread over the whole school not individual classes. The ratio is 28:1 which means if you school has 16 classed your school is not full until there are 448 students in the school. It does not matter if there are only 20 in 6th class or 100 in 2nd class. If your school only took 28 children into junior infants they would loose another teacher.

    The school is not allowed turn away children untill they have 448 in the school as far as I understand it. So the department saying that there is only 28 in a class is very misleading to us parents as many classes have over 30 children. This is not fair to the children or teachers.

    Your child is one of the unlucky ones that is being badly affected by this. I hope the teacher she is going to get in September is a good teacher who can handle teaching two different classes at once.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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