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    Hi does anyone have any idea what is good to stop my 1 yr old DD scratching??
    She started scratching herself until it starts bleeding!
    already been told to keep her away from water and off diary products!
    Tried E45, silcox base and kept away from all purfumed creams.
    Only wash her clothes in Fairy as was told it was best! But nohting seems to be working!
    I feel so sorry for her as it seems to eb hurting her alot!!
    SuzieQ :D


    Hi Suzie,

    My ds2 has eczema too I found the best thing to do is keep his nails short and just put plenty of silcocks base on. If its really bad you can get a steriod cream from your doctor but you have to be very careful with it as it can weaken the skin.

    Try not to let your dd get too hot or too cold as this can make her itchy. I m sure some other mams will have plenty of advice for you.


    God love her… poor little thing, and poor you too!

    Mine both had excema… although not a bad dose, and I keep it at bay using only Burts Bees products on the two of them.

    A friend of mine in the UK had a little one who was very severe (sores all over him, bleeding )…. and she had to take him to a specialist who eventually put it down to food allergies… .poor little thing couldn’t eat anything, dairy, wheat…. citrus etc… all no-no. All he could really eat was fruit and veg, although even that was limited, but his excema totally cleared up. And she has been able to slowly introduce the foods now that he is a bit older. Might be worthwhile chatting to your GP….

    Best of luck to you both!


    Hi Ladies, i am new to this website but when itcomes to Eczema trust me i have tried it all and only found a cure about 2 months ago. DD is 10 this month and has had eczema since a baby, we have literally tried every lotion and potion from here to China and back and nothing worked.

    I changed diets, hoovered and changed bed clothes, washed clothes in non-bio, switching to Goats milk, she takes pro-biotics and eskimo oil tabs daily you name it we’ve tried it.

    I was reading a forum on another site then and someone mentioned trying Seaweed Powder in a bath, considering we tried everything else we had nothing to loose, cost €5.95 in health food for a small tub, add two tablespoons to bath water, you would not believe the difference. I did it 3 times that week and now we do it once a week as a precaution (10 mins max each time (now it stinks) but the fact that it works who cares.

    I still cant believe after all the money we spent on diff products and consultants that this simple natural product has worked.

    Hopefully this will help anyone else in the same situation.

    Bubbs 😀


    You may find the Irish Eczema society helpful for advise and tips you can contact them on the link on mumstown page or logging onto

    It would be advisable to apply the combined therapy approach to manage the flare-up’s – by this we mean using Elave wash, cream and shampoo as a combined treatment. Sometimes parents use the wash/bath alone and then wash the childs hair in a regualar irratating shampoo (if the eczema does not affect the hair/scalp) but when the hair is rinsed the sud’s run over the body and undo the benefits of using the mild non-irratating body wash. Always finish with Elave cream to keep skin supple and to prevent itch flare-up’s. Elave cream can be applied as often as desired throughout the day. If you require a free sample please email me at

    Good luck!


    Definitely do the combined theraphy. I do it all the time with ds2 and he is doing much better. We still have a few problems behind the knees and elbows but not so much on the trunk of his body. The odd time that dh would bath him he might use the wrong shampoo and that would cause a flare up all over his body so we end up with an itchy, scratchy and annoyed 3 yr old

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