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    Eczema – Top Ten Tips/Facts

    Brought to you by Elave Skin Care.

    Looking after a child with eczema is sometimes not easy and can be tiring. Sticking to a regular routine and results will often be worth the effort when you achieve good control of the eczema. I shall be posting a few little tips that can be incorporated into your management of the childs skin.


    1. Emollients are a central part of the treatment of atopic eczema. Try to integrate the application of emollients into your child’s routine. Consider having small pots/tubes of moisturiser available upstairs and downstairs so that they are easily accessible. Encourage yourself by remembering that the regular use of an appropriate emollient may independently improve eczema by 40%. The regular use of emollients will also reduce the need for topical steroids or topical immunomodulators.


    2. If your child’s skin is very scratched and open consider gently dabbing on Ovelle Emulsifying Ointment to the worst areas before he/she goes into the bath, to reduce discomfort on contact with the water.


    3. It is important to have the bath water tepid. Hot water will aggravate the itch. After bathing pat the skin gently rather than rubbing. Rubbing might cause more itch and may excessively remove the emollients.


    4. When eczema becomes crusted/infected, a course of antibiotics will be necessary.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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