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    Eczema in babies tends to develop around 2-3 months of age: It is largely hereditary based and is often referred to as Atopic Dermatitis or Atopic Eczema. There is no cure, but there are ways to help improve the condition and reduce irritation.

    Make sure you have a correct diagnosis that the condition is Eczema.

    Some helpful and simple points to bear (over the next few weeks) in mind to manage the baby’s condition:

    1. Bathing: Always use a soap free emollient product suitable for babies – why not try one of the Ovelle emollients such as Aqueous Cream, Emulsifying Ointment or Silcocks Base – or alternatively use our Elave Baby Range. Many ordinary baby bath formulas are not suitable for eczema.


    We are big fans of the Elave baby range and it does not hurt baby’s eyes when we wash her little head with them.

    I find the baby lotion excellent on her bum at nappy changing times. She has chubby little legs and the skin in between the layers of fat often gets red as it does not get much air, so we use the baby lotion on that after bathtime and it heals the red skin really quickly. Love her chubby little legs….so adorable!

    Also, I find the Elave baby oil excellent for cradle cap. Just rub some oil into baby’s head and leave it for a half hour or so and then gently comb baby’s hair with a soft baby comb and the cradle cap comes off easily. Then wash the hair and hey presto, a clean head and no tears!


    Thanks for your support Sabbi – you are right the oil is excellent for cradle cap on the scalp. Its so easy to use all over the body on all age groups, no excuse that moisturising is time consumming – the oil does the trick to nourish the skin in no time at all!


    Todays Tip….

    2. Don’t bathe or wash a baby with water only: This has been shown to dry the skin further particularly in hard water areas.


    With severe eczema, bathing is paramount in fighting infection. There are specific products that have been designed to fight infected eczema. Try using a barrier cream such as Ovelle Paraffin Gel to create a protective and moisture layer to the skin.

    Todays Tip….

    3. Moisturise: Keeping baby’s skin moisturised can help reduce discomfort. You may need to apply an emollient several times a day and certainly after bathing.


    and after using the oil on baby, I use it on my stretchmarks, its one of the best oils around, very hydrating. Now if only it would shrink my waist & belly too 😳 😳


    i know i’m not baby BUT i’ve always had problem skin altough the problem has never been properly diagnosed – i’m in the middle of tests to try and determine what problem is as my skin has been awful in the last year BUT I started using the Elave body mosturiser last november and i think i can safely say now 3months later after using the cream at least every morning i am finally seeing an improvement in my skin, long may it last!


    Hi Munchin,

    Thank-you for taking the time to let us know that you have found Elave to improve you skin. Try to use the combined therapy approach to looking after your skin – use Elave to wash in (the body wash or shower gel) then moisturiser to soothe (the cream, lotion or oil) and the shampoo to wash the hair and scalp. This is often a mistake that people with dry skin do, they may use the correct wash and mosituriser on their body but wash their hair with an irritating shampoo. The sudd’s will run over thebody and un-do the goodness of having used the correct wash! Elave also have a conditioner for the hair as well.

    Thanks again for your support.



    Todays Tip

    4. Use special clothing: There is a great range of specific garments that soothe the skin and protect from scratching. They are of huge benefit to both baby and parent. Avoid itchy fabrics such as wool – instead go for cotton garments.


    Hi Elave – oh i have the body wash and shampoo, conditioner too, i’m not mad on the shampoo but the harsher shampoos where having an effect on the skin at side of my face so i’m sticking with it. 😉



    That’s great to hear! Just to let you know – we will very shortly have a newly formulated Elave Shampoo that is Sulphate Free and is highly foaming without the harsh foaming agents found in other products that lather up.

    I have sampled this item myself and I just love it – a small amount of the new Shampoo froth’s up and my hair is left really shiny and glossy looking. I cannot wait until we have it for sale, it is absolutely fantastic! It honestly is the best i’ve ever tried. And for anyone who colours their hair (both old & new formulations) are excellent to retain the colour in hair.

    Trying it will be believing it – we are all eagerly awaiting it to be available here in the office! There was very high demand for the last available sample amoung us! 🙂


    Today’s Tip

    5. Keep nails short: No sharp edges


    that’s great Elave will keep an eye outfor that – i’ve found with the current shampoo if i put it in my hand and lather it up it seems to work a bit better if that makes sense!


    Todays Tip

    6. Keep pets away: Pet hair can be a common irritant


    Todays Tip

    7. Go dust free: Keep the baby’s room as dust free as possible. Limit soft toys and furnishings

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