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    Just curious to see are there many people out there paying for an extra half hour over the free 3 hours – eg. my dd’s montessorri runs from 9am to 12.30 thus charging extra for the 1/2 hour each day…..legally we are entitled to the 3 hours and the montessorri is fine with that meaning i will be taking her out at 12 …..but just curious is this happening in other places ??


    I paid extra for both of mine…. my son when the ECCE scheme was introduced, and my daughter for last year….
    Our hours were from 9.30 – 1 every day….

    IF I can recall, it meant me paying an extra 25e for the week….


    I paid extra for my son last year he was 9 – 1 and it was 25 euro too but i could have taking him at 12 if i wanted to, i was asked at the start of the year … my daughter going this year to the same place and it the same 25 euro and like last year they ask if i wanted the 9-1 or 9-12 ,, when my eldest was in montessorri a few years ago i had to pay 85 euro a week …


    Same here. I pay and extra 25 a week. And creche are veryhelpful and if i have an appointment or anything on after lunch i can leave the child there longer at the set fee per hour. I couldnt ask for better.


    we have to pay €15 a week for ds to stay til 1 , ahd been paying €20 a morning last year , so this is a great saving 😀 he was going 2 mornings a week last year


    if you check ecce scheme they say that additional chrages may apply for those offering hours out of the ecce scheme, but that you should be able to opt in or out of extra hours so double check if you can if you wish not to pay the extra charge


    Thanks girls ! As i said was just curious to know – the charge in our montessorri is 25 euro for 9 to 12.30 for the week , i also have DS starting playschool this year – so need to make savings somewhere….unfortunately !


    hey beams

    We charge 15.50 for the extra half hour per day. The government already pay us 64.50 per week for 15 hrs a week at 3 hrs per day… If ur creche are charging you 25 that means they are getting a total of 89.50 per week. That seems to be very expensive as a full wk at 3 and a half hrs per day is on average 75 euro per week. But just remember that the extra half hour is an optional extra which means just that…its optional and you decide if you want that extra half hour or not.


    Thanks the magickingdom – yeah i know they are pricey it is 25 quid extra for the half hour to 12.30 per week. My DD is happy there and im reluctant to move her as she is a quiet child . Anyway decision has been made by DH as he is paying for this (or not as is the case !!) no harm i dont think , taking her out at 12 anyway …..i pay for DS 45 for two mornings from 9 to 12.30 for his playschool

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